Looking for long.distance turnboy job.

cc @Meria Mata

uliza @Meria Mata ama fake mechanica @introvert


This is u searching for a job in this village…

Truck owners are not hiring turn-boys these days, the costs of operations versus returns leave a very small margins, That’s why most trucks drive in convoys

Try your luck as a driver instead, if you dont have much experience i would recommend you start as a shunting driver then build up from there



this picture inanipatiaga ideas zingine sometimes ,too bad watu wengine hawakuagi na team spirit hadi naitwa ndeffo woshipa:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

There you have it from the Horse itself! Another one has hit a like

Lakini hii tabia muwache nayo. Hamwez mkajua hali ya mtu akisaka Otunguu. Kuma retireree

Hapa labda uwauzie.

Hi kazi ya watu kutafta kazi haileti shangwe…kuweni consultants ama independent contractors