Black pepper activates Turmeric. Combined they are powerful tools in fighting high [B]cholesterol[/B] levels, [B]obesity[/B] and [B]diabetes[/B].

Is it approved by FDA?

Ongeza a spoonful of apple cider vinegar (with mother) mixed in one glass of water drink that before you sleep it speeds up your metabolism and prevents the conversion of starches to sugar also it helps to detoxify your body and reduces your appetite, if you are trying to lose weight drink that plus some exercises and you will be in good shape, ni kitu nimejaribu mwenyewe and it works

And where do think @uwesmake will get his supply of Momos, when you’re busy encouraging mfupaspectiveness…

hapa kenya kuna FDA kweli? sijawai skia!


Nawadaiz I don’t trust KEBS kama haina FDA siwezi gusa.

turmeric tastes horrible