Turkey Not Scared By US Sanctions After Purchasing Russian Missile System, The Fearsome S400. Time For US To Bully Nations Around Is UP!

A year and a half after Turkey acquired a Russian missile defense system, violating U.S. sanctions law, President Donald Trump has implemented penalties against the NATO ally.
His refusal to implement those sanctions had drawn bipartisan ire in Congress, but authorizing them now has enraged Turkey, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, amid deteriorating relations between it and its Western allies like the U.S.
The sanctions, announced by the U.S. Treasury Monday, targeted Turkey’s defense procurement agency, known as the Presidency of Defense Industries, and its senior officials, including its president.


Turkey acquired the missile defense system, known as the S-400, in July 2019. The purchase violated a sweeping sanctions law passed in summer 2017 by wide margins in the House and Senate to force Trump to be tougher on Russia. Trump, who wanted to avoid an embarrassing veto override, begrudgingly signed the law.


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Russian Rocket Systems have no peer. The US has been paying Russia millions of dollars to shuttle their astronauts to the ISS because they had NO option. S400 scares US the Sh!t out of US pilots

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