Turkey is taking the war to China very aggressively. Worlds largest airport.

[SIZE=5]There is a thread on Turkey by @johnpombe below this one and then YouTube recently recommended a video on the world’s largest airport , Istanbul Airport :[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Turkey is also making in roads into Africa e.g TZ’s SGR by Yapi Merkazi.[/SIZE]



[SIZE=5]Ethiopian projects :[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Turkey is also silently taking over the garments industry e.g Waikiki.[/SIZE]

The Ethiopian SGR project known as Awash-Weldiye is 392 km long and will cost $1.7 billion. It is being constructed by Yapi Merkezi.

Turkey is also making aggressive moves into smart phone production :

[SIZE=7]Global smartphone makers plan production in Turkey[/SIZE]
Several global smartphone makers, including China’s Oppo, South Korea’s Samsung as well as Huawei and Alcatel, are planning production in Turkey, Turkish media have reported.

Oppo and Samsung may launch their production in Turkey-based facilities in February or March 2021, according to the daily Milliyet.

The Chinese phone maker, which recently entered the local market, has already bought a facility in Istanbul’s Tuzla district and recruited personnel for its Turkey operations, the daily said, while Bloomberg HT reported that the size of Oppo’s Turkey investment will be $50 million and the company already obtained investment certificate from the government for the facility.

Oppo will export mobile phones produced in the Turkey plant to Europe and other parts of the world, according to Milliyet. Oppo will not assemble parts of smartphones but the entire production process will be conducted at its Istanbul plant.

Global smartphone giant Samsung will commence Turkey production at a plant in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district, the daily reported.

The South Korean company will initially carry out production operation through an Istanbul-based subcontractor, according to Bloomberg HT.

Besides, Oppo and Samsung, other international brands, including Huawei, Alcatel and Honor, also consider production in Turkey, Milliyet said, noting that a recent government decision to provide investment incentives for smartphone production are luring global brands to the country.

Turkey’s young population, its location and its tech-savvy consumers are also attracting international players in the sector to the country, the daily noted.

Local smartphone companies General Mobile and Casper, which are presently producing phones by assembling parts, are expected to switch to a model in which they will undertake every stage in the production of those gadgets.

With this production drive, nearly 25 percent of 12 million smart phones projected to be sold in Turkey in 2021 could be produced in the country, which will help to reduce the current account deficit, according to Milliyet.

Turkey spends some $6 billion on the imported smartphones each year.

“Last year, a total of 10.6 million smartphones were sold in Turkey. The COVID-19 pandemic initially adversely affected the market but the outbreak’s impact on phone sales waned later and demand for phones picked up,” said Mustafa Kemal Turnacı, the head of the Association for Mobile Communication Devices and Information Technologies Businessmen (MOBİSAD), noting that each year on average 12 million smartphones were sold in the past years.

According to data from Turkey’s telecommunication watchdog BTK, there were nearly 82 million mobile phone subscribers as of end June, which corresponded to a penetration rate of 98.3 percent. The number of 4.5G subscribers stood at 75.2 million, data also showed.

[SIZE=7]1st Chinese Tecno smartphone made in Turkey to be ready in March 2021[/SIZE]
https://idsb-tmgrup-com-tr.cdn.ampproject.org/i/s/idsb.tmgrup.com.tr/ly/uploads/images/2021/01/19/thumbs/800x531/86676.jpgIn this photo illustration, a Tecno Mobile logo is displayed on a smartphone, Poland, May 13, 2019. (Getty Images)
JAN 19, 2021 1:48 PM

The Chinese smartphone brand, Tecno Mobile – which initially entered the Turkish market last year – will invest over $25 million for smartphone production in Turkey, the company said in a statement Tuesday.
The brand is among the top 10 largest smartphone brands in the world. Tecno Mobile entered the local market following other Chinese brands, including Huawei, Xiaomi, realme and Oppo. The first local Tecno smartphone will be produced in March. Oppo is also preparing to produce the first smartphones in Turkey.
With this concrete step, Tecno, while expressing its confidence in the Turkish economy, will create a considerable amount of business opportunities and produce devices that are compatible with the market, and that will be an answer to the expectations of Turkish consumers.
This investment move shows the brand’s determination to become an important player in the Turkish market.

how is that taking war to china?
hapo mimi naona partnership tu

Umesahau ya kwamba in 1979 the U.S also “partnered” with China in technology transfer.

Reagan even gave China space going technology i.e aerospace and satellite technology secrets to China his new friend.

Apple was allowed to go to China… sasa ona matokeo leo.

Turkey is following the same script. Show us how you guys make Tecno and Huawei phones we will figure out the rest.

(It’s only the African who is shown how to construct a Lunatic express but 100 years later he still doesn’t know how to build a railway line.

Even right now Kenyan road contracters have learnt ZERO from China Wu Yi! Bado wanajenga bara baratu vile wanajua.)

China came to Africa to build rails and roads, Turkey has followed them close behind with similar projects.

Remember both China and Turkey have traded in and fought over African trade routes for hundreds of years. Possibly millenia.


Umedinya point muhimu sana… I don’t get Africans who criticize China.

How else will we develop if we don’t steal and enforce tech transfers?

Either we do that or we will be forever stuck at the bottom of the value chains unsophisticated stuff like textiles and agri produce.

Oh yes.

I was recently reading about the Ajuran Empire in Somalia, the Ottoman Turkish empire relied so much on Somali warriors and Somali merchants and we are talking about the 1600s not so long ago. Somalia was a real super power.

The Somali navy was feared world wide. Their pirates were also no joke. The Somalis rescued the Arabs from the Portuguese.

China and Somalia have traded… probably since the time of Jesus.

By the 14th century Somalia had explorers in China kind of ambassadors.

If Somalia , China and Turkey were trade partners it means that even nywele ngumu were very much involved in some capacity.

Good job Patty

Wivu hukusumbua sana hadi unaona tu uongee umeffi.

I know jealous Kikuyus like you mainly from Nyeri. You see someone with better muscles than you in the gym unaanza, “Hi but I think you need to balance your routines because your legs are a bit out of shape. Otherwise you look great.”

Saa hizo ni wivu inakuuwa hadi unaongea umeffi.

Still, good job educating.

Ukiona mtu mwingine ame import Mercedes poa kuliko yako unaanza, "Wah! James that Merc is great but colour red? It is a perfect car but I don’t think Nairobians will go for red you should have stuck with silver or black. But it is a great car anyway except for the colour. "

Saa hio kinyongo inakuuwa.

:Dsi Unakuanga na utoto boss… Very petty fool

You’ve missed a history a class, it’s not just Somalis . But East African coastal communities have been trading with the Chinese for hundreds of years,There’s evidence for this in many coastal states from Somalia all the way down to Northern Mozambique .

Red is actually a great colour on a merc.

Mwafrika akishiba na alale hafikirii zaidi ya hapo. Sadness of life

somalis kept nywele ngumu slaves…