Turamp ataki ujinga..


Actually he wrote the letter to the Chronicle, it was not leaked. Someone in charge of a nuclear capable vessel should be expected to adhere to a very high level of confidentiality. I dont know how that fucker got there.

Why would they fire the captain…they wanted this to be sweeped under the rug or what…? I think its time our leaders to honest with the people for once in this fight…
Leave the shy knees and their lies n propanga about their kung flu virus

If you are in charge of 4000 sailors, and your unit is attacked; your first reflex is to call coro fm and declare how many dead, how many injured, and add that the reinforcements you asked for have not arrived and your bosses are sleeping on the job as if you are not a boss yourself? Give your job to someone who knows how to handle shit.

Trump is actually the fucker in this case. He has been minimizing corona and the military guy was like fuck it. Hizo vessels sleeping quarters huwa crammed. Rona inaweza tembea through the whole ship but all trump is worried about ni upcoming election

So if you were Trump, you would order all carriers to dock, and shut all barracks coz they are crammed?

The military has its own rules …huwezi payuka tu vitu ovyo ovyo…

Situation getting murky

But they are at great risk tho…

I think it is prudent to do so. Trump is as fake as they come. Cannot be trusted, must be hiding something!!!. If the DRs are refusing to work then…

They are soldiers, watibiwe mdogo mdogo watapoa. Death is not the worst thing can happen to a soldier. Dishonor or death with dishonor, is. Is why in African tribes, and in many other cultures, sick warriors were never allowed to die indoors. It looked to them like the one who should keep death out there should not bring it indoors.

We learn from history. Hebu watch Pearl Habour in your free time if you have not yet watched it yet, and let the implications of shutting down the millitary sink down pole pole. Hautawahi fikiria hivyo tena.

I have re-read the message elsewhere. Mmmmm don’t think it was right for him to email the ‘whole world’ about such sensitive infor.

I will try and watch it.

The Captain did the right thing, he broke protocol but he was looking out for the sailors under his command. You swear an oath to your country and commander in chief but any good military man will tell you your real job is to protect your men. If you were in charge of 4,000 lives and your CinC was reluctant at best to fight this virus with everything it takes, what would you do? It’s easy to judge from the comfort of your armchair at home, it’s a much harder decision to make when that burden rests on your shoulders.

:D:D:Dnigga has more deaths under his belt than 911… hard to save face from that


By the way, actual US Navy sailors are hailing the Captain as a hero.

The Captain KNEW very well the consequences of his action. But the death of sailors under his watch would haunt him for life.
And his Commander in Chief, Trump was still playing bravado about the whole Corona thing.
Make time and watch the documentary on the Spanish Flu pandemic on YouTube. And how navy sailors died enmasse and aided in the spread of the flu during World War 1.

Will do.