Turamp "am number one on Facebook."



This man lacks modesty even in a time of crisis. Very sad.

Patricia ako mzima or should we send out an APB?

Hehehe support your president. Stand by him and trust his judgement.

What is APB?

That man is too raw and unfiltered. He just does not give a hoot. Penda sana

I’m confused??? What @Purple is your account hacked ?? No no something isnt adding up .


Ako na hii handle @T.Vercetti . Tried to trick me kwa inbox :smiley:

Homo_Scarlet kalikimbizwa roho sana na kako 57

All Points Bulletin. Alert all police in an area about a missing/wanted person.

He was in my inbox too with that handle

:DAlikuwa anauza story gani fake?

@T.Vercetti kuja hapa,corona inakukimbiza vipi? Umeacha ukumbaff?:D:D

When I said that man brought RCB down, many here doubted me. He went mental when UHURUTO won their case at the Hague. The obsession with the Mods was another nagging issue. He went on a rampage and the serious dudes there had no time for him. They left.
He was left talking ICC matters to himself. Acres and acres.
Watch out dudes…

RCB nimeskia na nyinyi btw. Why is s/he the way s/he is?

Most guys around here don’t know about it. It was a site owned by a Mzungu who was born in Kenya. Back before I was crawling. His name is Richard Bowen and my God, it was huge…but I know most of the folk were diasporians. We really miss it…but we keep in touch individually.

No that man is mad!!!. If you can be able to access handle ICC supporter on RCB archives, you will join the dots.

Ha ha ha! I think she’s finally accepted the reality.

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