Tupeni updates

Maandamano ime anza? Huku Ssebo land kume tulia.

from after lunch going forward,depending on how quick supporters arrive from work,we shall start the journey to constitutional changes.

on iebc,after raila detailing how theft happened,we shall make resolutions on how to use the constitutional process to effect changes at iebc.take note we shall subject everyone there to a fresh vetting,so your new incoming komisionas be better prepared.

this time we shall sideline bonobos who add no value to the process or r spoilers.that should explain y some people r saying this tomoro that.

so,the president cannot start a popular initiative or the government.kaeni kando.from kamukunji we shall increase the tempo to countrywide consultations.

Sio maandamano ni kutanga tanga. Ruto set the precedent now every idiot will be tanga tangaring.

Just watching babas caravan as it proceeds to the venue. Campaign mood already:D? Kweli Kenya is an interesting place.

Seems to be just a few idlers there.


Huyo mpaka ako na trolley ya mhindi hajairudisha