Tupandishwe cheo :Admin chieth

I can’t share the title “Village Elder” with some of the jokes who’ve acquired the status as of late. Sasa muzito kama mimi holds the same title with serial wankers like @under23. Hio haiwezekanki.Elders sometimes huwa hamoni the title is not accorded the respect it deserves?Juzi niliona moja acquired the title in 14 days. Utter blasphemy!!!

I propose a new title to be introduced higher than village Elder but lower than sponsor sijui maybe senior village Elder nah ferk that hiyo ina sound SV… Maybe kitu kama Village Financer because we keep this village running. Esteemed village elders saidieni mimi kurushia kina @admin mawe…

On a serious note @Mundu Mulosi look into this, you’re the only admin I respect.

You do know that the only Mod you respect takes his orders from the @admin his boss,right?

@Notapeoplesguy Im with you 100% I also want to be made a village sponsor. Some people have been sponsors and chiefs since joining ktalk watu wengine wanajoin leo and tomorrow they are an Elder, @Purple do something about that


Calm down guys, they’re just imaginary titles…

“Lovely titles. Go on.”

Blah blah blah why you always trying to talk as if you British royal, we ni mluyha mjinga tu kutoka Senyende, so quit with your cringy way of writing ghasia.


Haha they totally matter. Order has to be established in the village.

Mimi naona waweke hapa cheo ya village madman.

2:56 a.m. jamaa tu anaota na mimi.


How are you doing omwami?

@Notapeoplesguy mafffffi


lol, internet = serious business.

Nini mbaya?? Hajasema kitu kibaya, you’ve just spoilt your chance of being given a title higher tham where you are currently

This village :smiley:


Nilifanyiwa transplant jana. Saa hii ni maaside effects zinakuja mdogomdogo kabla cells zi-regrow.

Hang in there.

@bys92 who are you?