Tuongee ukweli.The real problem in Kenya.

It’s not Uhuru or Ruto or Raila etc.

It’s not tribalism. It’s not corruption. These are symptoms.

The real problem is overpopulation.

and thoughtlessness.

Malthus was right.

In 2019, it didn’t rain until September. People in Northern Kenya were starving and many others were at risk of starvation.

5 million people were in need of relief food.

That’s more than 1 in 10 people. And those are the ones the government was willing to admit. The real figure was probably closer to 10 million.

And then all the rain for that year fell in 5 weeks and people drowned in flash floods.

2020 has started with locusts. Which are predicted to last 4 months minimum.

70% of Kenya is arid or semi arid.

Meanwhile, KNBS is reporting that 17 million people are in extreme poverty and 22 million total are living at subsistence level.

57 years later and tea is still our biggest export.

Lakini watu wanaendelea kuzaana kama panya and all they talk about is politics.

These real problems are footnotes in the newspaper. Look at today’s newspaper.

is Corona mentioned? Are the locusts?

Nimechoka kuongea. Bonobos will say it’s a conspiracy. Or that I’m a self hater.

It seems in Kenya, macho yana pazia

Let the people make mistakes hadi wapate adabu.

Population can be made to be organized. The problem is with the Kenyan people. They cannot follow order . You create a system one day. The next day you are breaking the order around it. This is what fuels corruption.

Sterilisation incentive programs targeting low income and less educated bonobos are the only solution.

Field couch marshal do you have to open another handle to continue with overpopulation agenda.


I don’t think by limiting population growth will significantly impact economic growth or general well being in any way.The most valuable asset for a country is her people, and China is a good example.The problem in Kenya and many African countries is governance.we need competent, ethical leaders of integrity.

The real problem in Kenya is, any belly hanging politician with a microohone is regarded as a source of credible information.

Hio ni ukweli.

this answer is given every time.

why solve a problem when you can prevent it?