Tunzeni mabibi zenu please

I have to wonder what exactly is this “business of yours that you are going about”.

Kama sio kuwa hawker wa kuuza nguo za wamama, then why the fwack else would a grown ass man (presumably) be concerned with such matters to the point of being this detailed?

Sasa you want us to Sprouse up our women so that while we are out working hard looking for school feels,dowery fees na our retirement mulah na wewe you are in the estate nyanduaring our mamaas ehh…then again our women now have a deferent calling of raising our kids not trying to look like online whores earning 10 k every day through giving blow jobs, bana achana na mabibi zetu bwana.

Siwezi kubali pipi anone. Ukinona unahama


Women were not created for today’s world of juggling motherhood, working, poor diets and keeping up with social media pressure. What you see are women who do all that. Look for a 35 year old who is just married, no job, no stress, good diet and you’ll see a difference. The modern woman is handling the pressure of being a dedicated slave by day and a horny lover by night, and that ages a woman faster than a dyed mtumba t shirt.

These are the worst. They just eat and lie on the couch the whole day thus end up looking like hippos

A wife follows the husband’s lead. If you’re unfit she will be unfit because she is not afraid of you attracting other women in your bad shape.

mama ya mkamba mjinga illiterate @PHARMACY huuza kuma AIDS infested 49 bob mlolongo