Tunzeni mabibi zenu please

Every day as I go about my business around where I live and work, something strikes me a lot. Your wives aren’t in good shape. I have said wives because, this thing seems to affect the married women and not the single ladies. You find that most of them are overweight and in poor shape. Sijui what you are feeding them bana. What is appalling is the fact that most aren’t that much advanced in age to have the haggard looks that they have. In fact most are relatively young but they have either neglected themselves or been neglected by husbands. You find a married woman in her early 30s with two kids but she can pass for a fifty year-old. Young girls and most single mothers are okay in terms of looks. Lakini shida iko kwa married ladies. Nowadays whenever you meet a man and his wife you may be tempted to think that the wife is ten years older than the husband but the opposite is true. Or maybe that’s why most men in marriage cheat and visit brothels. Most aren’t attracted to their partners. Tuchunge mapipi puana.

Having a hot wife is akin to having an ovacado tree next to a school

True…wamama wameamua kujiachilia…problem is they are gaining weight in the wrong areas.

Mama pima mchafu wa busaa, mama @uwesmake Screenshot_2023-05-12-12-04-58-472_com.brave.browser-edit.jpg

Wasapere husema mtu hana ngombe hafai kuongea kwa mkutano wa cattle dip… We bibi alitoroka ulivyo shindwa kumtunza unakuja kuambia elders nini:cool:

Wanasema ni afya. The right word here is “Lazy”. Most of the womenz become lazy when they are in the comfort of a man. Kwanza kama hawana job. Marriage is not for the weak in mind.


Go read about reproduction in animals, its a form one topic.

Now they don’t have to try because they’ve secured someone. Wakiwa soko ndio wanataka kununuliwa lazma waeke A game.
To counter this you have to work on yourself/show her that other women want you ajue kuna competition. Pink handles might say “OMG that’s toxic you know how women bodies change after pregnancy” but that is the way forward. Ju wives of high value men aren’t out of shape. Wives who their body is their brand also aren’t out of shape. It means there reason she’s losing shape is because there’s no necessity. Mtu ako comfortable tu

From kneeling during prayers. I am talking about the marks on the knees. Carpet burns from

Those are lame excuses

Tunawapenda hivyo, drum like basi

There is a certain 25 year old guy alisema alienda supermarket and there was this mumama on the adjacent queue who was always gazing at him kumbe it happened that they were classmates back in primary school… women beat up like komodo dragons past 25

True True, I saw a former primo classmate of mine, akikushow aako 50 you can t refuse, she is barely 35…he he

Finish him now, he’s weak :smiley:

Junk,sugar,soda,fruit juice,chips,family planning,kuku pono,industrial oil disguised as vegetable oil otherwise known as Elianto.Sedentary lifestyle and over feeding in short KTALK billionaires wanalisha mabibi takataka and they are competing with wives kwa kitambi.painful to watch!

Huyu aanze tuu kuuliza babake kwenye anaweza jenga.


Hauwezi lazimisha mtu mzima kukula vizuri na kufanya tizi.