Tunnel Of Death . Now Scared Murang'a MPigs Begin To Crawl Out

Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau and his Kandara counterpart Alice Wahome have broken their silence over the controversial Northern Collector Tunnel.

The two said on Saturday that they fully support the project but asked the government to address the issues raised by experts and residents.

They spoke a few days after governor Mwangi wa Iria accused local MPs of cowering from commenting on the issue because they did not want to take a stand.

“We want to hear them speaking in Parliament and in the Senate addressing any issues concerning the project instead of hiding,” Wa Iria said.

Both legislators who were speaking separately said it would be wrong, however, for the government to ignore concerns raised against the project.

The duo said it is vital for Murang’a residents to see the benefits that have been promised by Athi Water Services Board as the tunnel is constructed.

Jamleck sought to exonerate himself from claims that he was secretly fighting the project.

Wa Iria had earlier in the week said that the county government is fully behind the project but would want the government to help improve water connectivity in the county.

He said he was in talks with the Water Cabinet Secretary to have the government supply water pipes worth Sh1 billion to enhance distribution of water in the county.


Kazi iendelee. Whether or not the environment is being attacked. The end result is all that matters.

Slogan ni ile ile
Tuko pamoja

Ndakaini raised the same storm when it was initiated but since it was during the authoritarian Kanu days, many kept quiet to avoid drawing Moi’s ire.
Actually the Mp’s should be pushing more the issue of compensation to Murang’a County and its residents by Nairobi for all the water that comes from there. Water is a natural resource that should benefit the area residents and not being channeled all the way to Nairobi for free.

Recently I said that the area is lacking strong leaders to question pertinent issues.leaders who are willing to sacrifice their political ambitions. Some times rebels do help.

Under kenya laws- all water and minerals beling to the govt.

Maragua MP Peter Kamande has demanded for an explanation from Athi Water Board and Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria over a scheme to provide piped water to residents as part of the Norther Water Collector Tunnel project.

Kamande said that during a meeting at Golden Palm hotel in Kenol in 2014 and attended by several leaders from the county, it was agreed that Athi Water services Board would finance major piping from source and the county government would take over to distribute to the homesteads.

“I have a feeling that these funds were pocketed by top County officials since the trenches for major pipes along the road have already been done by a Chinese company and financed by Athi Water as minuted in the Golden Palm Meeting,” Kamande said.

He was speaking at Flyover ACK Church in Maragua yesterday.

Cord leader Raila Odinga last week opposed the tunnel project, saying it would dry rivers that flow into lower eastern and parts of coast.

Athi Water Board however says the tunnel would collect only 40 percent of excess flow when there is heavy rainfall.


His area actually face acute water shortage especially Maragua town and the lower Kambiti. interesting times ahead

I thought this debate was put to rest?

It has just began

Then coastal residents will charge for usage of the port, counties that have airstrips may as well charge a fee for planes flying into their 'airspace ’ ama? There should be a difference between state controlled resources and county controlled resources remember that payment you are advocating for will be added to your bill unless you’ve drilled your own borehole…let common sense prevail.

This is a complex issue that can be beneficial to many if handled correctly.

Raila akisema nunua CD ujue ni landlady ama ni lanye utapata anakungojea kwadoorstep jioni.

Already there’s a clamour from Turkana leaders as to how the government plans to compensate the residents from the oil proceeds. I want to hear you advance the same argument as to how all the oil, being a natural resource, belongs to the government.

Kisumu lake victoria,mombasa indian ocean, muranga ndakaini dam who have average water for tunnels of death.

how exactly does death come in??

nimekusort boss. haina wass.