Tundu Lissu

Official Opposition Chief Whip in Magufuliland is addressing the media in Nairobi hospital having been admitted in September 2017 with 16 bullet wounds after an attack at his official residence in TZ. Iko shida huko kwa wenzetu watanzania. Guy is very lucky, sixteen bullet wounds and he is alive, his car has 38 bullet holes.

50 Cent has nothing on this guy

He should have given tupac tips

Huyo assassin ni bure kabisa, swali ni will TV stations air it in Tz, wamekaliwa ngumu sana huko

Wakijaribu wanafungwa, huko hakuna mchezo.

Is this an attempt to derail my thread?

:D:D:Dare you trying to blackmail them?

Assassin must have been Morata

He should start rapping.



No I am just trying to get their point.

maybe TZ needs its Moi-esque lost decade like Kenya to get their NARC aha! moment

he is guilty of refusing to die, his government has refused to pay his medical bills despite having a parliamentary medical cover

Sikiza hiyo uwache kelele mingi


2Pac was shot 5 times and robbed …He was struck twice in the head, twice in the groin, and once in one hand… gerrrrrrrrrrrrit!

You are very clueless, or you have been living under a rock until recently.

Or both, mjuaji. Niwache. You expect me to know about 2Pac?

hizo tundu zote?

Did you fry your remaining ball over the holidays ??