Tumzungu tumelimwa na ndovu.

Hii video imeninice. :D:D:D:D


Damn, that’s one hostile bastardo! He hates strangers gawking at him, and having his photo taken. Then after he has waged that war on the Landcruiser, all that the reporter can do is sympathize with the beast, she quotes a guy saying, "attacks like these can be detrimental to the elephant…:smiley:

Elephant ilikatsika…:D:D:D

Naisha msee. :D:D:D

It’s been said, and I repeat, just because you’re happy to see animals, don’t assume they’re also pleased to meet you. Keep your distance.:smiley:

Hii tuliona Kabla shule zianze kuchomwa.

Wild animals aren’t lazy and gentle, like your freshian cow, your dog or your house cat. They can mess you up real good, as these other animals discovered:


ni ujinga wako nayo around 3 months ago mwingine did the same thing na ndovu kama tatu zikakunja mkia and fled. this fool was trying to copy the other guy