Tumesalimiana na mkubwa


Hii jaluo jeuri lazima ilikamua behind the scenes

there is no other language that a lady of between 19yrs and 37yrs understands other than kumkamua na kuingia chalbi desert.

Niaje curtain raiser.

I prefer to not sleep with people who take care of me in terms of serving me food, shaving my head and even massage. I tend to respect everyone who has direct access to my body.


You have a problem

i have read this like four times and still don’t get the point, I need a refund of fees from my English teacher may be.



Curtain raiser ghaseer mbwa :smiley:

So you have sex wearing a VR suit ama?

na vile alipanua miguu, anakaa doshi ilikua imeanza fujo. hahaa

Mix ya Dj Lyta inagonga hapo

Makende ya nugu kipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Curtain raiser impotent rat

Matako meffi sikyondoni

Toa miguu kwa gakunia