tumesalimiana hapa kweli?




3 advantages of this type of ladies :-

1/ Maturity .
They dont follow you around or stress you in any way.

2/ Financialy stable .
They have their own cash - they pay their own bills .

3/ Drama Free.
All they need is Good S*ex and Good companionship.

Enzi za kingfisher ikiwa na old bottle

@Electronics4u izi posts ndio naangusha huku. If this post remain I will log out and forever never return.

R u gaay or something?

Mchele dispensers

hizi zinakaa kukupea mchele na zi kuibie kidneys na kaigangio

just because they’re fat and old does not make them mature and stable. if they were mature and stable, they would be at home rairing the next generation of warriors. not tucked away in some dingy pub dressed like 18 year old tarts showing rinkly old thighs, thinking they still have it.

These are just prostitutes man!

Hizo salami wacha zikae

hapa iko msemo shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka uwes 2015,

Would You be prepared to make the same sweeping statement about her …??


We Ni umbwa with these fake philosophies

Pole zana wanjala, tunajua ulimesa muchele ya hawa watu ile siku

Probably not


  1. Ugly. Not worth the effort. Hawa labda wanilipe juu technically ni sugar mummies.

You would have to be braindead to buy pussy from such ugly aged and obese women.

Hahahaa, is this how you rationalize your attraction to these bottom-of-the-barrel, stinky, post-wall landwhales? A classic example of hamster wheeling if you ask me. Look at them and their surroundings. Do these filthy fucks look mature, financially stable, and drama free to you? Come on man!

Something tells me Utakula tuu … :D:D