Tumeni kakitu banaa .


Uwezi kuona ile ngamia ya Arab league bullshit @Bingwa Scrotum … hapa. Yoo … wah happened to tha’ nigger anywayz … ain’t seen him for a hot minute. He dead or somethin’ man?

So the Sudanese decide to start fighting among themselves and now expect outside support? Wacha wamalizane. Walimane mpaka wamee akili.

Ukraine case is different because it was a sovereign country invaded by a neighbouring country and so there is no problem with its friends helping them.

Alisema under Ruto Presidency, it’s time to make money. He must be seriously minting money

AU should be the one lining

You don’t take sides in internal wars…

So the Congolese should continue being killed by M23 rebels while nyaga & his battalion watch and do nothing, only enjoying their free afco beer kwa base camp?

White people supporting white people. Damn, who woulda thunk it?

ata un wanakuaga hapo to observe and protect civilians within designated zones… the fighting bonobos are left to ape it out…mandate huwaga do not fire unless fired upon…

Amekafunga mpaka akajiita @MAN FROM HAGEISA .

If AU was to disappear there would be a net benefit ! most useless org in the world , can’t even fund themselves !


Rumour has it, he holds a VERY VERY HIGH AND SENSITIVE government position

Why should they care?Kenyan troops on their own cannot make any difference in congo.

I highly doubt that’s him, one thing that i know of him is that, he cannot camouflage himself from long.

internal conflict vs external aggression …what support do the sudanese forces want?