Tumefikiwa, I hope Uhunye won't sign this

Regulation is good lakini hapo kwa ndigiri iko shida. Hii ni kama ku regulate Athletes eti lazima wakuwe na a certain level of Education.

who are IT practitioners and what is IT practitioning?

That is a stupid bill since technology is like art for the so called ‘practitioners’. If someone wants to do some graphic work, web design or coding at no time a client needs to ask for a licence. The output of the contract is what determines the pay. While at it they should define all the tasks that a licensed ‘practitioner’ can do and also define a rate card.

I haven’t read the bill, so I reserve my judgement. The government website is down.

Can somebody enlightened me, what problem does it seem to solve?

It is wide my friend, it is wide, even dimming your old pa’s phone screen ndio akupe umetengenezee umchote kakitu ni IT Practioning, kama huna ndigiri atakuweka ndani


Wewe umesoma hiyo bill?

sijasoma but
waliandika na typewritter alafu waka scan na kuweka online kama pdf

nimeona yearly renewal nikajua vile kunaenda

The usual barriers they place so they can keep collecting bribes.

I have just read it.

It’s one of the most vague bills I have ever read in my life.

It doesn’t describe what exactly is an ICT practitioner except as someone who earns a living through collecting, storing, processing, using or sending out information through a computer, mobile apparatus, or any telecommunication system.

Going by that description, even cyber attendant @captain obvious is an ICT practitioner.

It’s interesting that the bill is very clear about the the members of the committee, and the financial provisions including the revenue, expenditure, salaries, allowances and subscription fees.

It looks a poorly conceived bill to get a few people on fat salaries and allowances. My guess is, some mps won’t be back in parliament and they need to sit in a council committee somewhere.

Looks like it was lying in the dust somewhere then an MP stumbled upon it looking for relevance and just gave the speaker and he signed it. Who moved the motion?

Another excuse to create another moneypit parastatal !

Deni ya China lazima ilipwe. Government is looking for funds.

This has nothing to do with the govt. Blame it on the semi illiterate mpigs who pass these bills blindly without fully understanding the contents or ramifications.

The current parliament follows state house to the latter. Initially the bill was proposed by CS Mucheru but with drew.

Hio meffi inaitwa Joe Mucheru (ICT CAS) has done his research and found out that the following lacked degrees:

Steve Jobs- Apple
Bill Gates- Microsoft
Mark Zuckerberg- Meta /Facebook
Michael Dell- Dell founder
Larry Ellison- Oracle

wanataka kushika hackers ama

Siwezi mind. Kenyan companies pay shit salaries regardless & that’s their loss as far as am concerned. Get your travel documents tuhame or work remote for foreign companies. You don’t owe this country shit

How bad can it get

Not Aden Duale?