Tumeanza weekend na C2H5OH

Mko mtaa gani na mnado nini?

Nime jificha huku …[ATTACH=full]397433[/ATTACH]

This week niko quarry tuuu.Cant wait to get home and wash off the dust and grime.

I am willing to come and wash off the dust from those fingers

Suguta valley

Trust me…

Siwesmind … kulipa ka …wait, nevermind. She’s priceless.

What else do those hands do ?

Heheh there are no flights from Laikipia to Bisil.

Hii inakaa ile hiace ya kitambo… But the hands look soft… Lakini mismatch cutex na henna banange…

Na kwani how do people fika Suguta valley ?
Siwesmind kufika uko nikule nyama.


Give bitch slaps. :smiley:

Woi sio hena, ni some funny colored cutex… It blends in with the dirt vipoa Sana.
Toyota Hilux 1984 model.


Be nice ;);), kitu ka massage hivi.

Hehe … si unaona imekupa “red alert can’t find a way there”. You gotta find your own way out here. Through the valley with it’s wild rugged terrain, scorching heat and marauding rustler; the elements are against you … but I know you will find your way to me … and a raid will be made to honor us.

Sounds like a scene from the movie Lawrence of Arabia. Clearly this cannot be a spontaneous road trip but what’s life if we cannot test our limits ?
I’ve added it to my bucket list. Wait for me.

For as long as it takes.

Mimi siku hizi na kunywa once a month

Kuja Moi Airbase tupelekwe but ujue tutashare parachute na wewe