Tumbocrat Gumo et al.

Tunajua the reason behind their verbatim.[ATTACH=full]48320[/ATTACH]

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I thought politics is a game of interests. Whoever sweet talks best gets the girl


TRUE sijui mbona watu wa ODM wana catch feelings this is a fight between vultures and hyenas neither has our interest at heart uhunye anapandisha bei ya kila kitu apate pesa ya hongo, Raila would have done the same if the was president . We are just pawns to both sides [/SIZE]


That’s why we are not taking them seriously because we know they have their own personal interests.

Transfer season is now open. Expect more of this. As it has been said before same monkeys different forest and we the stupid citizens keep on cheering for them. Jut look at that table. Musikari Kombo, Bifwoli, eugene wamalwa…all losers in 2013 but were recently given jobs by jubilee


Sisi it is a non issue. Nyinyi watu wa JAPOTATOES ndio nimeona mkisherekea kwa post Fulani hapo chini hadi nikashangaa.

Don’t take them seriously remember it’s 50+1

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wewe jaforeskin ni mijinga sana ,ni nini tunaweza sherekea?

Kwenda ukatombe matako ya junkie you shiny-eyed batty bwoy.