Miguna is an asshole he begged matiangi to arrest him, now that his wish was granted you are all up in arms. As much as I don’t like him I hop they gave him a one way ticket to canada.

Tumbili if you have killed Miguna by taking him to Lari kwa baridi then you tell lawyer Sifuna to inhale on his behalf , how can you deny an asthmatic person an inhaler

Peaceful nature of NASA supporters???

George matina na hizi promotional videos zake…Are you that bitter guy in that clip? I have a feeling you are one and the same person.

The General is not in Kajiado Court wea he is being charged.


Here he is arriving at a Kajiado court.

Watu wamechezwa…


The bugger begged to be arrested. I don’t know what this hullabaloo is coming from. 'Come baby come ’
Jamaa hajaoga siku kadhaa considering his heavy sweating due to heavy weight

Chupilee is a bunch of disturbed termites. Why post photos za Miguna produce the man in person as ordered by court, contempt of court !


I ain saying shit but…yeah weird right
Ppt high


check the time when both replays were posted. Someone has copied it from here.

[ATTACH=full]155210[/ATTACH] Thats why i said it is weird am not judging am just putting it out their

Ametolewa usijali