Tumbilee's new style of rigging?

Nimefuata hii link https://www.iebc.or.ke/registration/?stats and downloaded the list of polling stations and something caught my eye. There’s a station that was closed huko upcountry for lack of voters. Sasa nimeona iko kwa list with some 1400 registered voters. I know for sure that station does not exists, and all who had registered there were transferred to an adjacent station. And FYI, the number of people around that area is no more than 200, the reason it was closed. Sasa hii 1400 wametoa wapi? Plus ata haikua registration center in the recent concluded voter registration exercise. Naona hapo tumecheswo. I suspect there are several ghost stations that will announce “results” favoring the two thieves.

If someone has Baba’s hotline, tell him aangalie hio maneno.


Ungetumia hii effort kufanya kazi ungekuwa millionaire. Wasted effort:(


Ni kulinda usamaki.

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Good eye. If this is can be verified with substantial evidence, report it and query. That should be the reason the records are made public.


I wish i was a turkana.

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Alafu utapata 6 of them wata piga unnecessary marks kwa ballot then wawili wasikuje

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Watu wa umoja wakuje na tent za kulala. Hii ni nyayo stadium mzima imejaa trying to vote in a day



Strong holds

Ngai fafa!

Yea, and na pia utaskia mtu fulani akisema kura zake za hio station zimeimbiwa, that is why ame lose.

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Whats the stations name given that this information for public consumption?

Seeing long lines and tired people! If it takes a humble estimate five minutes to go through the entire voting process verification that’s an average of 12 people in one hour !!! multiply that by lets say 8 voting booths that’s an average of 100 people per hour!

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[SIZE=6]Nkaissery creates eight new districts,divisions with 39 days to poll[/SIZE]

The Jubilee administration has established new administrative units including eight sub-counties, a number of divisions and locations across Kenya.

Only 39 days are left to the August 8 general election.

The national government has also created hundreds of sub-locations as it seeks to stamp its presence countrywide.

Bura East, Tiaty East, Kotulo, Oloililai, Elanga’ata-Wuas are among the latest new sub-counties created by the interior ministry. Others are Bananey Tongaren and Igambang’ombe whose headquarters will be Kathwana.

Districts are referred to as sub-counties in the 2010 constitution which heralded a new national government administrative structure that replaced the colonial provincial administration.

Sub-counties are headed by deputy county commissioners while assistant deputy county commissioners are in-charge of divisions.

In the Kenya Gazette, Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery said he created the new administrative units with the approval of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The units, Nkaissery said, will enhance co-ordination of national government functions and service delivery at the grassroots.

In Nairobi county’s Starehe sub-county, the national government has established Ngara and Landi Mawe as divisions with Muthurwa, ngara East, Hazina, Ngara West and Mukuru Kayaba as new locations.

Railways, Kiwanjani, Jamhuri and Tetra Park have been named new sub-locations in the capital city constituency.

Kibra sub-county has a new location named Lindi and five new sub-locations, namely Soweto, Mbagathi, Mashimoni, Upper Hill and Kambi Muru.

Lang’ata sub-county has a new division named South C, with South C and Upper Hill as locations and Wilson and Kiang’ombe as sub-locations.

The creation of sub-counties is seen as strategy to increase employment opportunities for the youth during recruitment of the military and other forces.

Slots available in the forces are usually allocated per sub-county across the country.

Critics of Jubilee, however, may view this as part of the ruling alliance’s scheme to woo voters by dangling carrots ahead of the polls.

[SIZE=6]This is another issue too[/SIZE]

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Here it is.
I can say without fear of contradiction that the above station does not exist.



sai tunatambua tu County, Constituency na Ward… Sub county, Divisions and Locations have zero influence on the elections.

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noted… due deligence will follow

Due diligence is needed more in your English vocabulary:(

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I am on call with baba…I hope si kutuvako unatuvako.

Am telling you something am 100% certain, not guesswork. That’s my village am talking about.

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yangu iko tu na watu 4000 pekee, nitaenda saa kumi wakati hakuna line