Tumaini, Naivas & Incurable Jealousy


Managers who have left include the branch manager of Nakumatt Mega, Mr Moses Nditika, his assistant Stephen Junior and Rwandan branch manager Joseph Ndung’u.


I feel for Moses Nditika and Tumaini, my heart goes out to the young girl who ran an Mpesa concession in a grounded van.

Tumaini supermarket was the hardest hit after protesters broke through the entrance and looted goods. The supermarket said an internal audit is underway to establish the extent of the loss.

An Mpesa operator, Caroline Achieng alias Caro lost her shop to vandalism. The grounded van she uses as an Mpesa shop near Kenyatta sports ground was pushed to the middle of the road and set on fire.

“I have lost my shop plus the furniture inside and my business permit worth Sh7,000. I have been forced to start afresh,” Achieng said.


The goons came and carried her ‘shop’ into the road and set it alight. Some are out there to settle personal scores, but their heart is exactly like that of their lorD and mastedR goD JaKuon, black with the soot of jealousy.


my heart also goes out for the Innocent six years old. boy who was brutally shot by police.

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Poor little boy. If only politicians would stop asking for demos they know will turn violent. So young and he is already bearing the burden of selfish politicians and their pscyophant followers. He would never have been shot if the demonstrators had not got violent.
I can bet if you were that police man you wouldn’t have stood there and waited for the shower of stones to fall on you and/ or your colleagues.


we also feel bad,maybe he was the next onyango oloo and we value of supporters.


Mine too.

The two events are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are married at the hip since calls for ‘mass akson’ generally involve stones, looting, mugging and terror. Such behavior draws decisive policing action with the attendant risks of collateral damage.

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Just to give my input. This demos should be done away with for good as this wanton destruction is uncalled for not forgeting the injuries and deaths that have happened as a result. I got caught up in the mix on my way from Kampala, a short distance after leaving Kisumu. Luckily I had an omera friend with me so sikuchomewa moti.


Hii ni nini? Pole to the young man and condolences to the gentleman who passed on. …all for a useless cause

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Demo ziendelee

Supermarkets sio oxygen.

na kama ni yako kihii?