Tuma Fare ..siwesi


This thread hapa juu I posted about this kmtc chic who i was ready to smash lakini alinianzia upus ya kutuma fare…I decided one year ago fare hata 20bob siwes tumia mwanamke…so she better get that money I refund her.



Ati “delete my number”

Mwabie apige 0800 722 000 ya uber akifika kwako utalipa. thank me later

safe boda ni cheap sana

Acha uongo …you were ready to part with cash to smash [COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]@shiroe

Mtu mzima akikosa soo mbili…we shouldn’t be talking… We’re not on the same level. Huyo anafaa kumagwa na watu wa boda.

A friend once said “if a woman is really serious she will come by her own fare. If she asks for fare then she’s a joker”

She lives with her mum
Ako first year kmtc

Kijana it seems you are at the Mercy of this bitch. Yaani you text her twice. Mimi if I text a bitch na akose kureply naachana na yeye pap!

bottom fagot ngojea thread ya homosexuality you participate.

tall mnyambo everywhere the first text i never received "delivery report " from safaricom that’s why I texted back

Mimi hata kwa fb inbox, maximum two messages zikiwa seen bila response, huyo ni unfriend

Thiem, if you remove your matusi hat and re-read this thread again, you will note that Wa-Mum has a point. There is something about you and this ngeo else why would you waste so much time telling us about her?. Tuma fare…si ulisema you have so much money in your account? and she is only asking for kshs 200? if she does not roll up you dump her and move on to those who do not ask for fare.

the issue is not me having money to send…sending fare to a woman shows desperation for her.she will feel it and use it against you. An Alpha male like me should be extremely arrogant to women…that way she will feel unimportant and be humbled .

Mimi hata wale wa gas imeisha, nijazie rent, sina ya supper, salary imechelewa huwa wanauma block. Dem akianza hizo Mimi huwa najua anataka kuhamisha umaskini na ujinga kwangu. Najitoa roho safi.

Msito Them, mambo ya environment naona pia Mimi nikiingilia. Moso bamboo seeds zimeingia

Hapo sawa

@Thiem acha kujitext bana … this is a new low even for you …

Sawaz. I prolly can’t relate as I did not see this ‘tuma fare’ happen in my time.