Tullow Oil Thieves

So Kenya Govt announced we are exporting 200,000 barrels in the EOPS but it turns out (info from the contractor Tullow Kenya) that we exported 240,000 barrels. Where did the money of 40,000 barrels go to?? Someone has pocketed 240million just like that??


OK, who do we crucify/kill?
This time we are serious.

can’t be amazed…

Kenya for you

You are overthinking mdau. Seeing ghosts and thieves everywhere.
This is just like when someone asks you how much your KShs 24, 000 Naomi phone cost you and for brevity you answer 'kindu/around 20K".
No malice intended

no no no no no this is govt! if the information is not to the letter then there is a problem.

We have not seen the official books have we?

not even about seeing the books, the casual way you’re saying ni kama kuuza simu. we have to hold them to higher standards.

:smiley: It’s 2019 bro, you can’t still be this trusting with gaffment