Tullow Fraud

Tullow Fraud!!
I just heard that Tullow Oil is shutting down. https://www.ft.com/content/5db9010a-1a82-11ea-9186-7348c2f183af

I’m one of those people who believe that the Tullow Oil deal was and is pure fraud.
I doubt that Kenya has enough oil for commercial purposes.
From the way the Oil Discovery was announced, I smelt a very very very very very very big fat lie.

My uncle was in the Business Desk some time in 2005, and his colleague who was favored by PR firms was the one that broke the story.
That was was the first red sign. Why would such a discovery be handled by a PR Firm???
I then did some small time research and discovered that Tullow looked like a “Pump and Dump” scheme.

Companies that make “huge” mineral discoveries, then sell shares to unsuspecting investors hoping to reap big, then dump them after conning them.
This is white collar roberry with violence.

I have been to Oil Producing countries, and if you don’t see Nigerian Black Market Oil dealers in an area, just know hakuna kitu hapo.

If there was truly commercial quantity Oil in Turkana, we would be having several Nigerian dealers producing diesel for black market deals.

What we have in Turkana is just a scheme to rob wealthy Mzungu investors in UK, US and Australia… And rob poor tax payers in Kenya through Government investment in the Turkana Oil Fields.

The sooner we accept that hakuna Oil worth speaking about, the better.
If you see Total, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and ConocoPhillips, then know there is something.
But if you see companies like Tullow, and some jokes of using Trucks to transport Oil, just know hiyo ni White Collar Roberry With Violence.

Swali ni, hii deni ya Mchina tutalipa na nini???

Gordon is your uncle?

Kuna zile oil fields ziko kwa disputed boader ya SOM na KE.

Some prof once said, if you drill anywhere deep enough you will find some oil!!
The old timer was right, at least wetangula made something out of the rush

He is right.The only thing is that if the oil is too deep, it is not commercially viable to mine.

Amazingly, rumor has been there since the 80s. They say the oil field tilts towards the Somali side. So most of the oil is on the Somali side.

Bonobo can’t drill his own oil nor build his own highways or even build his own railway lines. What is the Bonobo good for … except fucking and filling the earth?

60 years after independence the Kenyan bonobo still runs after the colonial master to beg him to drill and even sell his oil.

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Apart from nature, others be scams and frauds