Tulikosea wapi?


Politicians in the West be like… “We need to build our higher education capacity to create a workforce that will facilitate our economic growth and development.”

Meanwhile back at home, Mandago as 1st governor of Uasin Gishu… “Nimechapa ka deal watoto waende Finland wasome ndio wapate kazi Europe.”

Tulikosea wapi? Who cursed us?

This country is a joke. Murkomen is hosting people like Mandago instead of the same government prosecuting them. At times, you get tired. The Finland scam is still fresh. The students wanakapitia. And Mandago is unperturbed. [ATTACH=full]499298[/ATTACH]

For 60 years Kenyans have been cheated ati tribal voting is more important than issue based voting. So good, issue oriented leaders don’t bother running for office.

And When a person challenges corruption, he is murdered and the tribe of the leader who committed the murder cheers. See Ronald Ngala, Pinto, Mboya, JM, Muliro, Ouko, Odhiambo Mbai, Msando, Jacob Juma et al.

Or thrown in detention: see Kaggia, Shikuku, RAO, Matiba, Rubia etc. All were thrown in detention.

When civil societies call a protest against corruption, only 10 people attend the rally. When a tribal leader calls a rally , 1000s attend.

Useless tribal leaders like MaDvd and his wife are given do nothing jobs because they are tribal leaders. Mind you Madvd also got a pension worth millions because he was Vice President for a few months. he is paid a lot of money to do nothing while qualified Doctors can’t get jobs. Because he is a tribal chief.

Since we have killed or detained all leaders who demand good governance and continued to be psychophants to useless leaders, we must pay with high crime, high unemployment, high traffic, bad hospitals, bad roads, high prices, power outages, no sanitation , corruption, water shortage, banditry, terrorism, etc. etc. etc.

No president will fix these issues because Kenyans have told politicians that tribal voting is more important than voting for leaders who might fix these issues.

Basi Wacha Wakenya wakule ujeuri wao.

You cannot put politics and logic on the same sentence,
These people are here for themselves, and they are politicians not leaders.
Leaders are issue based and most are our CEOs not this charlatans.

I advise my kids to always focus their lives away from Kenya once they are 18 na sio kwa ubaya. Let me be the last in my lineage to experience such mediocrity

What you might not know is that Mandago IS a big time contractor kule uasin gishu. He’s simply looking out for hisself, peasants wajipange

I will always insist that we lost our sanity kwa our foundation when we killed ppl like t j mboya, JM kariuki, we fought jaramogi with false accusations etc.
Tribalism n corruption was planted that early and undoing it now is almost impossible

If you previous comments in this forum are anything to go by, then your thumb should be deep in your anus as you type this

First born in form one, last born a few months old what the fwak do yo advise them to do? Wacha kujidanganya

Meanwhile, Nabii wa ahadi is preparing to appoint his cronies to useless CAS position. Lakini wakenya wanaokufa njaa wameambiwa wangonje mvua.

wacha tukule ujeuri yetu

I couldn’t have stated it better

many parents sold the little they had to send their kids , anyway the good part ni wakenya wanakullwa na watu wao , you can no longer say ni hii kabila .
they way things are going suicide rates will be at an all time high !

Mijinga mumama zaidiiiii umekaaa hivi fuaaaaaa ukihara ukinyamba ukidunga ukinusa uvundo ukakuambia wewe na muhahe yooooooooote ya watu wenyu wewe ndiwe wa kwanza na hii stale regurgitated news? Brare taktaka ghaseer imbilisi nyeus

Kenyans glorify stupidity… Kenyan politics is a dick measuring contest

Ujinga rudisha Twitter. Husla atawale