What is your opinion guys concerning standard gauge. Anyone with details regarding difference between kenya SGR and T anzania SGR because it is difficult to get details. What is difference between chinese class 1 sgr and AREMA. Tanzania are building electric train cruising at 160 km /hr. Kenya managed to build but what was logic of building a diesel train and then say they will upgrade. is this not lack of vision. How comes a country like Tanzaia with less power can power SGR will Kenya cannot. What was such difficult to build an electric SGR Train once and for all. Even Uganda are building electric rail. Was there some poor planning on kenya part or corruption played a big part?

@spear unaitwa

Zimebaki huko !!

Rudi kwa archieves.Ii tuliongelea tukamaliza kitambo

turkey Will build them fantastic rail,but cargo evacuation will be less than Kenya’s

Enyewe we urgently need to review our education system!!


Passengers vs cargo…ho figure!

Hii debate tulimaliza 2017. Sai tunajenga Phase 2.

Hii Story tumei-discuss sana. But, let me attach a document that might help.
M awaiting that TZ to happen… M not a pessimist but let me wait and see.
Again, Chinese class 1 is superior than the AREMA on all fronts.
Lastly, the title of ur thread is juvenile.

[ATTACH=full]148285[/ATTACH]Kenya has got all resources but problem is 'think tanks ',they think otherwise…

So you mean the Kenyan diesel engines will be going only as far as Malaba then the Ugandan electric trains take over and vice versa?

I ferried parts for building these windmills

The Kenyan line is already on the ground. It can be energized by connecting to the grid and getting elec locomotives. Now, pray do tell, why are we doing a comparison with paper plans? Do you pay rent with plans or money that’s already there?

Wewe ni Bollore?

used to work there before transferring

watu wa kukulia lasma wakule Mara mbili…diesel…n electric. hata najua passenger drones zikikam gava itainvest in horse drawn carriages kwanza ndio tuupgrade from there.

Sijui about the engineering part of the trains but I know Kenya’s SGR is real while Bongo’s SGR is imaginary or illusional or theoretical.
But Tanzania people are like Pwani people, all talk and zero work

like comparing:

mediatek vs intel

sinotrak vs actros

I have observed a couple of photos for tanzania sgr. It looks more clean construction than our bloated sgr

Tz is also procuring 2diesel locos for cargo,so nothing here ata ug will be forced to go diesel for freight :smiley: