Tukue personal kidogo watu wa Raila

Say you have a very pressing problem na unahitaji intervention ya Raila ama Ruto…say unahitaji 500k.

You are granted a 5 minute audience with either Raila or Ruto to present your problem and hopefully utasaidika. Remember you can only choose one so ukisosa kwa mmoja hauwezi enda kwa mwingine

If you were to be honest, with whom would you take your one shot ?


:smiley: hii ni sweep banae

Siasa iliisha we are now in a new dispensation and back to making money. What I want I work for it or I take it. I don’t beg for handouts so it’s none for me

Roho safi.

@Sambamba ulianza Kula mogoka lini? Hizi ni maswali za watu ya jaba kama @cortedivoire .

Raila is a Kenya Shilling trillionaire but paying Chebukati a few billions apate kiti ilikuwa shida meanwhile JSKS was spending $1000 per day on Ndii in “consultancy fees”


It is said that whenever Rao visited any place in Nyanza, the local MCA had to come up with a gift for “baba”.
Did you know that Raila hardly campaigned in his strongholds 2022, and when he appeared, it was to drum up support for people he liked in the 6 piece approach. That is how fossils like Omburu and Orengo landed in senate and governor’s offices

On the other hand, whenever Ruto landed in any place during the campaigns, local mpesa agents burnt the midnight oil receiving thousands in deposits

You know that Raila wasn’t in office. So he didn’t thug from roads constructions ( stadiums) and a host of government projects like Ruto. How do you equate their disposable funds?

Deep state released funds for campaigning big time. Deeper state Ruto was simply more generous

The side with Chera-raw

In short mnataka tu politicians wakuwe wezi. Ama unafikiria Ruto alitoa wapi pesa ya kutupa kila siku. Your points are very stupid. In fact no politician should give handouts. Huwa wakiingia in power they must recover. Think about it a person who spent 1 million versus one who spent 1 billion who is more likely to steal from public funds?

Kwa kifupi @Sambamba anasema Raila Ni stingy.

You fuckers think its generosity and philanthropy from WSR. No one in their sane mind can wake up one morning and bring free money to you… @Sambamba you are a kind of stooopid. WSR bites like a rat that inapulizia wewe kabla iume. Na mkae mkijua io doh ya campaign alitumia atairudisha na 20 fold.
Reason why he has 7000 scandals and controversy

jaruo calm down .You have a pressing personal problem and you dont care about his million scandals. It doesn’t even have to be about money ;it could be una lobby for a job or tender na unataka intervention ya mmoja

Say who will be the first to wring your neck if you default.

Kenyans wanapenda handouts sana

If Ruto and Raila were giving 500k to random people each day they would be broke in 2 months