Tukubali. The man is back.

Kusota imefanya talent irudi by force.



Anarchy was the begining of his fall off…hes never recovered.
Just 3 decent tracks as far as im concerned on e.l.e.2.
Im still rocking to the coming, when disaster strikes and e.l.e 1…classics especially the first 2.

Corona imetuonyesha maneno

:D:D:D Matina?

Hehehe. Kama hiyo

I wish RAMPAGE was part of this… and OR the entire FLIPMODE Squad

You listen to Busta Rhymes?

Hebu jaribu kuni troll nione your abilities and capabilities.

Who is he?
Asking for ile kijiji ingine ya wazae.

An American rapper who ruled the airwaves in the early 90s