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Top geothermal energy producers

Uhuru amefanya kazi buana. #TooYoungToRetire

kwa production mko league moja, mbona kwa bei list inabadilika?

Coz we have to pay the parasitic owner of capital mwenye IPP Iberafrica, Biwott, long dead but ensured that he put a bullet proof 50yr contract for his company when he was minister of energy. That is why giving power back to hawa watu wa RV can be a big a mistake coz they will mortgage the country for next 200yrs. Nimeskia sudi ameregister yake inaitwa Ogilgei Power awaiting for a fat 50yr contract if arroorrr takes over.

You are right. In the US power is 10cents per kwh ie ksh 11bob per unit but in kenya it is 3 times the price. Arrroor was given the energy ministry in the 50/50 jubilee govt in 2013 and thus him and keter have been in charge of power for 9yrs till juzi when keter was removed. Therefore arrooor should be telling us why we pay so much for power, na maji ya hydropower na steam ya geothermal ni free resources from mwenyezi Mungu. These are matters arroorrr should be explaining not upus ya matako juu.

ha haa nothing to smile about
mabroker wanatukamua

That is where Ruto got the money he is bribing people with.