Tuko Antarctica

C-17 Globemaster III at Phoenix airfield with Mt Discovery in the back.


Kumbe you are a traffic controller.

I run a butchery in Kawangware…

Petty diversions from Afghan crisis. A democrat trying to burry his head in the sand with silly pictures.




Wakati kama huu ndio huwa unaskia nugu sumbufu zikisema, “But me I have never followed U.S politics. I am a fence sitter. I never supported Biden directly.”


Mimi sifuati U.S politics. Nakalia fence . I never supported Biden but it felt good to see yunaires steits go bonkers after the pussy grabber’s exit. Cc @Ponifenja Makwaka :D:D:D:D:D


Ama sikupenda tilamp coz niliambiwa alikuwa racist. Lakini personally sikuwa na ubaya na yeye.

Salamia penguins

Nobody gives a shit about them poppy growers. Taliban should do their worst.