Tukiwa Klist, Oldest Villager Couch P Alisema We Avoid Mixed Tribe Marriages

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The present Rora has a boyfriendā€¦The klist one was single. The klist @Purr_27 had a boyfriend. She started becoming active when they broke up hadi aka post picha yake a feel better .Ktalk @Purr_27 is single. Conclusion: ladies with boyfriends donā€™t have much time to be online.

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hahahaha si nimechekaā€¦great analysis. Thanks to klist Lola moved on and yeah she is dating.

Calm ya titties, it was never that serious to keep you awake thinking out a reply.


u got it right

I will ignore that lol

Kao ladies will play you even with a caretaker hata ukiwa kwa nyumba

MA take and from experience is they are never satisfied even after seven quality shots from you and she has cum severallyā€¦ They have a libido outa this worldā€¦ Ma boys were ever complaining and mind you you are working from 7-6ā€¦