Oh ARV’s? I forgot about those pills,isnt their agenda to eliminate the blacks since the drugwars and the Tuskeegee experiments? I bet the Review Boards and Regulations grew spines to offer ARV’s ,anyway ,besides hio ,anything else ,you know,kabarabara hivi to the coltan mines,shule za tutoto wana mine hizo coltan, overthrowing countries and leaving them better than they started? Fair trade kama ya UK even though wanatutomba, atleast kuna na lube? Anything major omwami hata kama ni free bullets,anything

Ju africa to them is/was a lost cause na wamebrainwash wazungu wote to the point they believe any african out there is bound to bring diseases,conflict and thievery.

Uko na mchezo nani. U expect American government to come and build road and school in our country. Wewe ni kama hujui maanaya sovereign state.
The reason why Japanese build our roads is that we are the biggest importer of their second hand cars. Japan being the biggest exporter of cars will lose if we have poor roads. So ni kama we wanna depend on us.

Thank you,thats what i wanted to hear. US never depends on anyone if they want it they will take it. JP/KE is merely symbiotic relationship. So,back to my question,how has america favoured africa ju kila mtu ni obama hakusaidia nyanya ya mtu. Nimeambiwa etu ARVs na watu wakapiga makofi. Have africans been reduced to such. My point is,watuonyeshe angalau how to rare animals and grow sustainable crops to feed folks sio watu kukufa ubao yet there are kids walking around with 100k phones. Unanielewa atleast? The road was a tongue in cheek,did you see the coltan mine that preceeded my statement?

Watu wafagie kwao. Hakuna vile amurika wata allow competition for their goods.

What goods sir? Apple doesnt sell deek in africa,hata supermarket unaeza hesabu american products. Africa tuko pekee yetu kama ile kunguru ya 5a.m kwa club,every horny bastard knows she’ll go for any money