If you take into account the thrashing Trump has received from the left wing, fake news media and Democrats, Trump should be polling at 1%. The fact that he’s head-to-head with Biden (he’s actually miles ahead), tells you that Trump’s presidency & persona is nothing short of supernatural, extraordinary and miraculous.


@ChifuMbitika what has the pussy-grabber-in-chief done for africans…kenya in patikula? Obama bush1-2,clinton,reagan did nothing. How does america favour africa?..nisiskie word security priss

Have you voted ama ni kelele. We need your vote more than ever.

Africa isn’t mecca for Americans. Africa needs to be self sustaining itself.

Serious migrants have nothing good to say about Trump. For starters how how do you even support a President who tramples immigration policies…when you are an immigrant yourself?


Trump tweets sense some times. Obama fully capitalised on identity politics only to do nothing for Black people. His tenure will be remembered for the insurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement and racial killings.

I wish Only the best for uncle Trump

Nimevote Republican all the way. President, AG, Auditor General, State General and state representatives.

very weak comeback

Funny. Trump is at home ground and yet he is playing defence throughout

Good luck… may all your candidates win, seriously.

republicans have always helped Africa , George Bush alileta free ARVs otherwise Africa saa hii mungekuwa mumededi wote vile kazi ni kuma tuu. homoobama vile aliingia ni kuleta vita , homos, peados africa tu

si mungoje monday banaaa

Republicans. But Republicans sublimed and became just air. What we have in their place is something called the Donald Trump. He has not so much attraction to Africa whatsoever. In fact he calls us shithole countries.

Aptly put

He has kept off from interfering with internal affairs of African countries.

Anyone who has worked in the NGO world will attest to decreased fundings from USAID funded programs as from 2012 under homobama.

His speciality is opening men’s boots

Hehehe and advocating for gay rights.