Tuju spills the beans: JSKS alionewa 18



At least for him he was in opposition.
The dude was actually in government (actually number 2 in command) but planned to overthrow his boss banae.
What kind of betrayal is this?

Pesa ni tamu. Makes every one sing like a parakeet on narcs

Jambaz is a traitor and traitors are normally punished severely. Mpaka saa hii he is fighting and opposing whatever uhuru does or wants. What would kagame do? What would m7 do? What did salva kiir do?

There is no doubt the man is a crook but the people pointing fingers at him are even bigger crooks. That is really the only problem with the spirited efforts to paint Ruto as the villain. People are talking with their mouths full. His political opponents should just focus on telling Kenyans how they will benefit from their leadership. Or is their whole campaign manifesto “don’t vote for Ruto because he is bad”?

Investigations done by the relevant authorities should be the basis for such wild allegations. As far as I remember, no one within those ranks has said anything. Tuju does not have any capacity to do those investigations.
Mara WsR wanted to kill someone, mara he wanted to overthrow the govt, mara ameua mtu. Please be consistent. Raiya Mkuu actually committed economic sabotage by asking for boycotts, which is a capital offence. As if it wasn’t enough, he committed treason for swearing himself in.
Na hatujasahau the '82 coup, which he admitted to being part of!
Ati sacrifice, sacrifice ya Baby Pendo and those who died while championing his case?

Consult the Constitution of Kenya!

Fyanda mdomo kijana. If you have no clue as to what led to the handshake, don’t showcase your ignorance here!

JSKS kitu tunaulizana ni insubordination, upuzi yake na kuona kama sisi ni wajinga sana.

Everything good about government, he wants to be a part of it. Anything bad anasema yeye hakuwa kukiharibika and that it happened under Gatheca’s watch.

He should have respected the handshake and work with RAT then hii mwaka aanze campaign.

Naskianga kutapika nikimuoma akiahidi venye atafanya kazi and idiots cheer him. Do they forget he is the second in command ama?

You forget raila was a prime minister always fighting Kibaki and gavament all through his prime minister post? he single handedly caused the 2007 and 2017 post election violence and has a history of refusing election results since the last millennium…you cannot be that short sighted can you?

what has he opposed and fought? list examples and clips, he has always supported the big 4 agenda, he is the biggest crusader of the last mile connectivity and the infrastructure improvement programme

Sawa Mzae. What led to Handshake is a matter of conjecture. And that is that. Unless you have official communication on the status of investigations, I suggest that you leave it at that. Na uache madharau ndogo ndogo.

These ASSmio guys can’t see such obvious happenings. They need to try as much as possible to sell Raiya Mkuu’s agenda pole pole.


You are missing the point by a mile. First the debate or the this thread is not about RAO, but since you dragged him into it I will respond.
When RAO was prime minister you cannot say he sabotaged Kibaki’s government. Actually that’s when the country recorded high economic growth rate.
When RAO was in opposition, he had a duty to keep the government of the day in check.
I say again: JSKS is sabotaging from within.

So he is repeating internet rumours? Nothing new. He should have said something new, a big lie that will get people talking

why are you afraid of comparing the track record of both men? alafu do not lie about the economic growth rate. Kibaki was always speaking ill of Kibaki and the gavament despite him being prime minister and there are video clips all over the internet unlike ruto, where people cannot even produce one evidence of him undermining his boss

Very true. Lakini nashangaa venye supporters wa JSKS wako. Wanaogopa kufikiria kabisa.

We have not forgotten about Raila in Nusu Mkate government. Always opposing what Kibaki wants to implement but later on wants to take credit for Kibaki’s achievements. Sasa Ruto akifanya hivyo mnakasirika. The double standards are appaling