A woman can not tell you ya kwamba hakufeel multiple times kisha wewe bado hubanduki hapo kwake. So sasa she is feeding off your weakness and the worthless attention and compliments you are giving her na wewe ni mtu mzima na akili zako bado unaomba na kuota upate miujiza na yeye.

Jiheshimu boss!

One day she will yield!

Hehehehehe leta hekaya in full. Am all ears…

Hyena following a human swinging their hand hoping for it to fall off

Classic simp, beta and omega move. Nini hip imekosekana ndio ufuatane hoping mkono utaanguka?

I have this friend who told me ya kwamba kuna jamaa that likes her lakini yeye hamtaki and she has made it quite clear to him. The clown is not relenting in his pursuit so he basically just being a thirsty guy.

I have told the lady that she is a trashy human for leading the guy on lakini yeye ansema its not her fault because she made it clear to him. I blame her for being narcissist lakini this guy has to take this L cause he is just so pathetic.

:D:D mmeniingilia na nampea jamaa advice to keep the hope juu what he is saying umeffi

Desire cannot be negotiated

How is she leading him on if she has already told him she ain’t interested?

Okay. Let’s make one thing clear. Any man knows that you have to pursue a lady worth her salt. You cannot meet a decent lady today and expect to lay her the same day unless she’s a hoe. And so, there’s that time frame you’ll be allowed to woo her, to me, it shouldn’t be more than three 5 days, ikiisha na hajaingia box, jiheshimu na jipe shuguli. Pia akisema she’s not interested, jiheshimu.

If you want to win her easy, you just woo her best friend or her sister and that is enough to change her mind. I don’t believe in losing when it comes women… I always ensure by all means I bed her

Nani huyu achapwe…huyu ni semi beta male, shenz kabisa

Entertaining the idea of them being together, sexting and mind fucking when she damn knows that its never going to happen is what exactly? And why accept gifts from a guy knowing damn well anakutaka na wewe unajua roho imemkataa?

I still say the guy is at fault here hence the whole thread.

That will Not work on a certain calibre of women.

Chanua the beta badala ya kukuja kurant ktalk.
Wewe pia the woman confiding in you vile anakatiwa hauna difference na the beta you are castigating.

Kweli kabisa mdau. Hio ni kujikosea heshima. I don’t waste time with ladies. The moment we meet I make my intentions known instantly. She either says no or yes or give signals that it will happen. You will always know if she is feeling your vibe. Kama haiwezi I don’t waste time. There is one I really liked na vile niliona we are not vibing I told her point blank. Kama hii kitu haitahappen I wish you well. If we meet in the near future, well and good. Na nikaingia shughuli zangu. Now she calls me almost daily.

Being direct saves time and money.

@Kwame the God hufukuza huyo ghasia. Wewe ni kama unakula hio mabakshishi. Dem anatombwa huko na Alfa halafu anakimbilia kwako ati hamfeel.

Very. There is no time to waste coz if it’s a relationship I’m looking for, then I have no time to keep on waiting for an answer I am not sure when its answer will come. I go straight on the first day.

Nope that does not work with all of us. You hit on my friend or my sis and your out kapsaa. Hiyo wachia washamba.