Tuheshimu Katiba

Matiang’i and Kibicho have no mandate from the people to exercise the powers they are purporting to have.
Citizens elected Uhuru and Ruto. Uhuru akashindwa na kazi, akadelegate kwa watu wakenya hawakuelect.

Kama wewe ni mjinga, huoni makosa ya president kudelegate power kwa mtu hajachaguliwa na watu, don’t complain when politicians delegate powers to their wives and kids and friends.

If you see nothing wrong with Uhuru delegating his powers to people without mandate from the electorate, don’t complain when a governor delegates his powers to his wife.

Sawa. Uhuru is God, he can be everywhere anytime and anywhere everytime. While doing everything. This can not get any dumber. Uhuru is definitely a disgusting president but definitely cant do everything.

That why the constitution gave him a deputy president. Otherwise because our Governors can’t do anything they are right to delegate powers to their wives and kids,