Tugeges are catching Hell

“Tugeges” are really catching Hell …
Now they know …


Choices have Consequences:rofl: :joy: :hotsprings: :hotsprings:


Hasora mwenzao anawaumisa bana.
My question is why all this ?
He has grabbed a school playground and made sure kids were teargassed. As an example he should have destroyed that part he grabbed so that we know everyone should follow the law . Huyu Jamaa anaset a dangerous precedent.
Why am I not seeing this in eltoret , kisumm or mayakos ? Why destroy property for only one tribe ? Noma Sana


Now I got you trying to say as the below hope so or it makes sense.

Kenyans under Kibaki were like this pic :point_down:
images (1) (1)

Kenyans under Uhuru were like this pic :point_down:
images (1) (2)

Kenyans under Ruto be like this pic :point_down: right?


watu watoke riparian. the birds were always going to come home to roost. hata hiyo eldoret, kiambu, mombasa, kilifi, walefa it is there is riparian setttlements, ministerial notice ilipeanwo lakini mwananichi ni nani… lazima tinga tinga ifike site ndio watu waamini… hata runda muthaiga and karen.

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Eltoret hata wajenge kwa mto hapo ndani hakuna mtu atauliza, bona weston imejengwa kwa grabbed land na hakuna kitu imefanyika, y evade the kweshen?

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I can’t sympathize na land grabbers. Meffi hao

Si hiyo ya weston bado wanasukumana kotini

Mtu yeyote anajaribu kujenga kwa riparian wherever it is, normally either the law or the river always catches up with them…

A ghasia who has been in government since the early 1990s managed to convince peasants that he is one of them :rofl:


An easy elaboration of the levels of intelligence and common sense in this devil’s pit of a nation.


What option did the peasants have than think they are about to live better? The question is, what are you all going to do in 2027 when such fuckers come out gunz blazing in a different sheepskin?

… they sang togokera tene…kumbe ni ghaseer itawamaliza mapema mapema


Kuna video fulani before the election Ruto was addressing the Maasai telling them he has a problem with kikuyus as much as they do but he wanted to obtain power first to be able to deal with them. Lakini tugeges ni nani? A time reaches in an irreparable marriage where divorce is inevitable. Mt Kenya leaders should stop pushing for 1man 1 shilling and go full throttle. Secession is the only way out of this mess!


Kitu imenifanya nikajua these people have not learnt anything is that they are loudly proclaiming that Mungu atasimama leo na alipishe. Mungu atasimama aje na wao ndio wanapea majambazi kura? So the next thug will just come with the same line ya Mungu and they will be fucked dry fry. Nabii could even live to be 90 plus like Moi and the family remains prosperous for generations.

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Might still be a tactic to get Maa vote. He excels at tribalism

Kwani nyagege walihama Kenya? You think ni mt.Kenya pekee wanaangamia?