Tufunge leso


:D:Dfake…on account of kenyan women are too cherap for said shenanigans

Pole dada, mtoto atawacha kulia :D:D:D:D

The stray dog husband is none other than @uwesmake whose motto is shimo mbaya ni ya chatu . This bukusu impregnated a school kid, I plead with security apparatus around to arrest this treasonous cunt [ATTACH=full]499244[/ATTACH]its married to a kikuyu violent hippo[ATTACH=full]499245[/ATTACH]

Such shenanigans are for dick controlled men… even if i were to cheat on my wife why should i go for a low hanging fruit like her sista cousin or any member of her family… the way i have kept it her would only take a snap of my fingers for them to remove their family panties:cool:

Hiyo ndume lazima ni mijinga @poyoloko . si ni juzi alipost hapa ati bibi amezaa

Anazalishanga Bibi kila gestation period ata placenta zikikwama huko ndani ya hio Mali ilioza