Tufike DRC

[SIZE=6]Equity sees its DRC business racing to overtake Kenya unit[/SIZE]
In DRC, we seem to have really touched a juggler pipe that will change this group forever.
DRC business will fundamentally change Equity Group. DRC at the moment contributes 27 percent of the group balance sheet and is growing at about 60 percent annually and may overtake Kenya between the third and fifth year.
Even in profitability, DRC will start rivalling Kenya and rise above on profits and balance sheet size eventually.
DRC has quickly made us a market leader in financial services both in balance sheet and profitability as well as customer base.
Given the momentum of growth in DRC, the possibility of standing out and becoming more attractive is so near. Equity should now be trading at the same rate as Capitec Bank of South Africa.

The only problem is language!

Eagerly waiting to compare with similar banks that have gone to DRC.

How can I an humble hustler benefit from this development?

DRC imports a lot of things.

Real hustlers will make use of that info to develop themselves …

Congolese are second to Nigerians In Africa in money laundering

Wachana na mimi. I just got this wheelbarrow last week.

Mimi nimeenda kuuza ‘wheelbarrow’ uko DRCongo.

Kuma halafu uwapatie ya wheel Barrow Will be more profitable

Juba ilichoma banks mbaya sana, though I remember they made a ton in forex but then the instability started.

Bana ba Congo banataka kutajirisha Mwangi akuwe multi-birrionea.

Napanga kufika huko kufanya market surveillance. Hope to shift my budding manufacturing biz to Bongo Congo. Hebu leta hekaya zaidi.

Unajua kuongea French tuende huko

Je ne parle pas Français but I can “hear”. Kumbuka Bakongo banaongea Kiswahili.

Their ‘Swahili’ is somehow difficult to understand.

Actually, their Swahii is much better than anything you will hear in Uganda. I can understand the Congolese around me quite well, even ones who came to Kenya a year ago. I think those who live in Bukavu ,Goma and other urban areas in Eastern DRC speak good Swahili because there are so many ethnic groups, you cannot go about speaking your native language easily. This is not the case in rural Eastern DRC. Ugandan Swahili is basically Creole with a Bagandan intonation. Nothing is understandable at all

Uza mabati pole pole kijana…relocating to Congo might be a good idea juu mmekuwa wengi sana huku.

nunua cheas za equiry

You can also learn some native language like lingala…Mbote na yo Moninga?