Tufanye Hesabu Kidogo Ya Chupa Za 100mL Za Holy Water

Smart high IQ conman such as Ezekiel or McKenzie orders 1 Million 100mL bottles every week from Kenplast plastic manufacturer. Each piece anapata na Ksh 2 each because he buys them in 40 Foot shipping container.

He refills them with tap water and sells each bottle for Ksh 200 and the naive Low IQ followers have to pay for the Percel. images (2).jpeg

In just 1 day such cons make Ksh 2,000,000 from tap water, handkerchiefs and Pika Cooking oil

Hizo holy water na zingine zinaitwa River Jordan lakini just tap water zina pesa sana

Niliona China wanauza hadi Qurans buana. So it might be plausible that these conmen do obtain some of the “holy paraphernalia” from China and sell to unsuspecting masses.


The high IQ pastor’s wouldn’t waste expensive Cooking oil such as Elianto on the dense sheep, they procure the cheapest shit

Hakuna Okuyu mjanja who can duplicate that label tununue hizo planyo…tuanze biz ya online delivery of holy water from source to the sheep. payment via mpesa inclusive of delivery. hapa iko pesa imejaa gunia for the picking.

Hii kazi si mbaya

True dat rasta

Everyday the Mofo Pastors ship out 5,000 such bottles, 2000 handkerchiefs and 3000 Pika Cooking oil 100mL Holy Oil bottles.

Mofos mint Millionss tax Free