Tucker Carlson gives an update.. expect more

He’s finally freed himself from the shackles of mainstream media.

Globalists are trying to suppress free thought through the media, and as he rightly says, topics like war, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, natural resources cannot be freely debated in the media because they fear losing their power over people when they are free-thinking and are not being manipulated.


The same media that is supposed to keep Joe Biden accountable, usually gives him notes of which journalist will ask what question and what the appropriate response is.

If I never listened to him then, why should I listen to this bootlicker now…

You never listened to him and yet you know he’s a ‘bootlicker’? Sisi si wajinga buana… Wacha kujidanganya

I listened to those who would criticise him and branded him as such…like Trevor Noah

His supporters wouldn’t care 4 ur black a$$…but carry on

Perfect audience for the globalists. Just consuming content without questioning it

Dude has million of supporters, I can’t pretend to care, or even know, most of them too! Only your family and friends should care about you

This statement reeks of racial inferiority…

Maybe you should listen to him and make that judgment for yourself?

Because youre still retarded.

He doesnt have his own brain. He depends on others to assess situations and make decisions for him, like the zombie he is.

To be honest I am starting to lose hope in our people. Very low IQ specimens.

Kazi ni petty theft and blaming politicians from morning to evening…

Is this not the same idiot who supports the removal of books from school libraries that discuss Slavery , Reproductive Health and Racial Marginalization of non-white citizens …???

Shenzi Kabisa …:mad::mad:

Watu husikiliza Tucker Carlson, (a man who testified in court that his show isn’t real news, but just scripted satire nonsense) and think he’s an honest journalist with integrity are the real retards here

His entire career is based on untruths , biases and misinformation…

That’s the reason FOX News paid the Legal Settlement and also the reason he was fired …

It’s that simple …:D:D

Sema ulikuwa wamsikiliza hapo zamani ila hadithi zake zikawa na uwongo kupindukia za Abunwasi, ndipo ukaamua yeye ni booteater. Sorry, bootlicker…

Did you see the clip where AOC was gloating that, “deplatforming works?” Clearly, the Leftist political system and media establishments point to a world that is broken beyond repair. Iishe tu. Now they’re going to impose a re-animated corpse called Joe Biden in 2024, ram him down our throats and anyone who tries to protest is deemed a MAGA terrorist.

Good riddance. Sasa apeleke fake news nahuko Newsmax/OAN ama aanzishe podcast tumsahau kabisa

Let’s for just one moment deconstruct Donald Trump …:D:D

  • a child of privilege born to a Billionaire business man.

  • no noteworthy academic achievements despite being facillitated into the best schools in the nation…
    ( …just like King Charles of England…)

  • evaded the Vietnam military draft on flimsy medical grounds ( cowardice…?? ).

  • inherited his family business which he promptly ran down , along with all his money making schemes.
    NONE of the business he has personally initiated has ever made a profit …!!


  • 3 failed marriages and several failed affairs , one of which has him currently in Court and another loading.


  • IRS Tax evasion , criminal manipulation of business records and defaulting on business loans…
    ( He has paid only USD: 750 in Taxes over the last 10 years…!!! - I know Taxi Drivers who have paid more …!!! ).


  • He claims he won the 2020 Election …
    ( … President Joseph Biden won hands down …!! ).

  • He directed , facilitated , encouraged the January 6th Insurrection that resulted in deaths , injuries and damage to Capital Buildings.
    Some of the participants are already in Jail - he should be there too …!!!

  • He illegally CONTINUES to hold massive amounts of Top Secret Government documents in insecure storage in his home.
    Countless formal requests for these documents have been ignored.
    There is also an on-going investigation by a Special Counsel …
    More to follow…+++

Is this is the clown you see fit to occupy the White House in 2024 …???

What a joke … :D:D

Lets discuss raila ojinga oginga, or football.