Tucker Carlson arrives at the Kremlin to interview Putin

Deep State is code word for the Je….s. You cannot make this up. The Deep State is in Deep Trouble (for now; ultimately they will emerge victorious).

Tucker is a modern-day Goebbels.



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In other words, Putin is saying that the Je…s are controlling Biden. Oy! What next? What is Putin, Trump and Musk going to do about that? Watch very closely.


This commenter nailed it. American Jews are the last cohort who have not yet returned to their homeland in order for the Messiah to meet with them there. Some great shaking in America must occur to get them out.


Filthy Zionist swines are unformidable which can burn down the globe without care

And who runs Russia …???
It is Putin and a handful of Oligarchs …

He should get the beam out of his own eye and stop his interference of US Politics …

It is common knowledge the dirt he has on Donald Trump but it will get him nowhere …

Ngombe Kabisa …:rage:

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Putin is Trump’s CEO and Tucker is just a preppy version of the Reich’s Goebbels.

The fact is, no amount of spin can undo the fact that Putin invaded a foreign country. Period!!

The biggest “elephant in the room” during tomorrow’s
interview will be framing the Jewish question. That’s the unsaid part that they’re dying to “expose” to the world. The idea that America and the world is under the evil control of globalist Jews and that only Trump/Putin can undo their influence.

I stand with Israel. :israel: :pray:



Tyrants are created thru neglect or allowed to thrive
Simple as that …

If in 1936 everyone had listened to the then First Sea Lord , Sir Winston Churchill , about the looming danger of Adolf Hitler and his Hitler Youth Brown Shirts , he probably would have been contained in time BEFORE his movement morphed into the destructive Third Reich

The Imperial Japanese were not contained around the same time and Pearl Harbour happened

Saddam Hussein was not contained when he started flexing his muscles and invading neighbors…
Then Desert Storm One and Two happened

For years NATO was lulled into a false sense of security , with some members neglecting Defense and a strengthened union in favor of other agendas …

The result was a Putin who consolidated power , went rabid.
He invaded his neighbors and now NATO is playing “catch-up” and at odds on how to deal with him.

The same applies to :

  • China ( Taiwan , Mongolia, Tibet and the China Sea Islands ).
  • North Korea.
  • Iran ( Hamas , Hezbollah , Islamic State , Houthis ).
  • Boko Haram.
  • Al Shabaab.

I am not advocating continuous Wars or Conflicts*…

Obviously , different approaches , strategy and eternal vigilance are required to deal with the various emerging threats …
For example, you cannot deal with Putin the same way you deal with the Houthis or Boko Haram

But constant vigilance and addressing threats as they emerge , instead of ignoring or putting Band Aids on them is the way forward

Real Peace can only exists with credible Deterrence

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Concentrate on your senile. Mavi ya kuku wewe.

Yani unasifu a murdereous racist like Winston Churchill? This is why huwa ninaku advice upitie history na sio history that has been filtered by BBC. Hitler and Churchill walikuwa same WhatsApp group the only difference is Hitler was attacking Jews and some mzungu while Churchill was busy massacring Indians and Africans.
Churchill is a piece of sh*t.

USA with NATO bombed Iraq to control oil. The invasion of Kuwait was just an excuse USA needed.
USA and NATO bombed and committed genocide in Kosovo.

The West sio wasafi kama pamba vile unafikiria.



Let me humor you for a moment and interrogate your simplistic juvenile logic …

  • In your perfect juvenile universe , how does on confront Tyrants and perpetrators of Genocide …??

  • Of what redeeming value do individuals and groups like Hitler , Putin , Saddam Hussein , Hamas , Hezbollah , Islamic State , Houthis , Al Shabaab and Boko Haram in the wider scheme of things …???

And finally 2 small historical correction

  • It was Saddam Hussein who wanted control of Kuwait Oilfields and to claim Kuwait as his 19th Province …
    Putin is attempting the same stunt in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

  • The Balkan Conflicts were triggered by the death of Marshal Tito and the following break up of the State of Yugoslavia along Ethnic , Cultural and Religious backwardnes …
    NATO were simply putting out a fire that threatened Peace in their backyard.
    ( today , NATO has no presence in any of those territories ).

Funny how you label my thinking juvenile while you expect USA and NATO to clean up the world and the messes they cause due to greed. :rofl:

Most of those terrorist orgs started because of USA. Alqaeda was sponsored by USA during the Afghanistan wars involving Russia. Ambia your western friends to invade Saudi Arabia kuna dictator uko.

Google mambo ya Shahs of Iran and see how USA contributed to the rise of Islamic government.

Shida iko Ukraine ni power struggle between Russia and NATO.

Nimekuambia vizuri hao watu unasifu are killers kama those dictators. In fact mtu kama Churchill was even worse than Hitler (he is estimated to have killed over a million Indians).

Obviously Balkan conflict ilianzishwa by those guys but as usual USA through NATO walikuja kuchafua.

78 days bombing and killing civilians. In Iraq pia walifanya hivyo looking for the mythical WMDs.

The Ukraine / Russia War that began in 2014 with the Annexation of Crimea and later Eastern Ukraine is nothing but a Putin land grab.

The Balkan Conflict resulted in Genocide and a massive Refugee problem …
NATO had to intervene militarily to restore order.

Saddam Hussein attacked his neighbours and even his own citizens with Nerve Gas , Chemical and Germ Warfare munitions …

Those are prohibited by Geneva War Conventions and are classified as WMD’s.

Goebbels exposing his true self. Things are getting dicey, fast!
:israel: :israel: :pray:


Majority of them voted to join Russia. I thought referendums are part of democracy.
CBS wenyewe reported this.

I agreed there was a conflict over there but NATO wenyewe are not clean, they also committed human rights abuses.

Its a well known fact NATO attacked Iraq so that they can control the oil. Hakuna hata xray ya hizo WMDs.

Even USA should face the same courts because in Vietnam they used a chemical called agent orange against civilians.
Unaona this Genever War Conventions only applies to others and not NATO.

Let’s unpack some of your untruths and fallacies

  • How does a Tyrant like Putin who runs an oppressive regime hold “Democratic” Referendums in the territory of another Sovereign Independent State …???
    Since when did Putin ever carry out Free and Fair “Democratic” elections even in Russia itself …???

  • Would YOU consider a “Referendum” in our Eastern Somali populated Counties by the Somali Government as legitimate in any way …???

  • Agent Orange is a chemical herbicide and defoliant.
    It was used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971.
    Its main target and purpose was to defoliate forests next to highways and railways to deter Vietcong ambushes on US troops.
    It use was discontinued after Court Cases determined that Plaintiffs had failed to prove a violation of International Law because Agent Orange was used to protect US troops against ambush and not as a weapon of war against human populations.

  • The Geneva Conventions are mandatory Rules of War that apply to ALL Combatants.
    That is how War Crimes Worldwide are prosecuted.
    That is how Saddam Hussein got hanged.
    That is how Charles Taylor is in jail
    That is how Yugoslavian Warlords are in jail.
    And that is how even US troops in Vietnam were held liable for the killing of Vietnamese Civilians at Mai Lai in Vietnam…
    ( Lieutenant William Calley Jr., a platoon leader in C Company, was held accountable , tried and convicted )

The same fate awaits Putin for his Genocide in Ukraine:blush:

  1. If you read the article did they say it was Putin who was holding the referendum?

2.Does a referendum become undemocratic when it is done by a country the West hates?

3.Do you have proof that Putin interfered with the referendum? If you have post it here.

4.The bonobos even killed their own soldiers together with Vietnamese. This was clear chemical warfare waged by USA. Where was the Geneva convention to arrest the generals. Walishika two low ranking bonobos who were involved in another massacre to blind the public.

  1. Did you know that a USA has the right to invade the ICC if one of its presidents is arrested? So basically a US president can commit genocide bila wasi wasi.

Will George Bush and Tony Blair face the ICC?

  • minions of Putin arranged those fake “referendums” with a simplistic Yes/No card …
    No one knows where , when or whom counted or tallied the results ( probably KGB Headquarters at Lubyanka Square ).
    And everyone knows that any “election” held in Russia or China is rigged due to lack of oversight mechanisms…

  • Agent Orange was never targeted at any human.
    That is how it did not discriminate on whom it later affected…
    Same as DDT that was supposed to kill mosquitoes but ended up harming humans as well.

  • Where as the leadership of Western Nations have oversight mechanisms , moral and legal guardrails ( such as motions to impeach , dissolve or even jail miscreants) , for Putin , such barriers do not exist …
    So , only the ICC can deal with him …:blush: