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HaiYa. Kwani kumekauka news za opposition aje natty ame resort to dumb jokes? Ama itumbi anawalipa by post count? Meffi.


Haya basi pewa hiyo.
RAT as the “Peoples President of the Republic of Kenya” congratulates Cyril Ramaphosa as the new President of RSA

Your Excellency, Comrade and Dear Brother,

I write on behalf of all overjoyed Kenyans and indeed Africans who were absolutely thrilled today to finally see you take the helm of the great nation of South Africa.

The excitement is particularly strong as there is a conviction that you will restore the bright flame of leadership that has diminished in the land of our dearest Nelson Mandela.

All of Africa, now in so much need of inspirational figures, is confident that with your dynamic past and leadership history, the recent national and continental vacuum will shortly begin to be a thing of the past.

All African democrats are praying for your success, since no other country’s leader anywhere in the world has the expectations of an entire continent riding on him.

So your election yesterday is a victory not only for the African National Congress and South Africa but for all those forces across the continent still fighting for the full democratic and economic emancipation of all our people.

I recall our discussion a year ago when we were preparing to run for the leadership of our respective political parties in Kenya and South Africa.

We both emphasised the imperative of renewed African democratisation as the indispensable base for building a vibrant continental economy with an equitable distribution of wealth as that alone would help contribute to the global movement for moral and ethical leadership.

You now have the opportunity and honour to fulfill that vision, with my full support of course.

You were one of the pivotal architects who supported our beloved Mandela in creating a South Africa that captured the imagination of the entire world.

It will not be easy to restore that respect in our turbulent times, where a few take too much from their countries and leave misery and instability in their trail.

Knowing you as I do, I know you will forcefully pursue the challenge for both South Africa as well as the continent, immense though it is.

With South Africa’s still vibrant global standing, I am confident you will restore to it the high respect that it, and the continent, enjoyed under the fabled leadership of Nelson Mandela in particular.

As you can no doubt imagine, Kenyans were electrified when they heard you twice use our language Swahili and the phrase ‘Not Yet Uhuru’ to encapsulate the challenges that still lie ahead if we are to fulfill the hope of human dignity that our legendary freedom fighters nourished for every African.

They thought that only those in East Africa knew call to action, coined and immortalized as it was by your friend and my late father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

With my sincere best wishes.

Letter to H.E. Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa, from H. E. Raila Amolo Odinga, People’s President, Republic of Kenya

You have my full support, Raila says in letter to 'comrade' Ramaphosa


Ushawahi kaa tu hivi ukajiuliza NattyChieth hu.import wapi chuki yake ya RAO hazijawahi isha tangu 1200BC.

ramaphosa ni billionea.


Tutaambiwa na Nancy Ogutu na Felix Olick ati walikuwa One Million Strong, kama ile resounding welcome ya Miguna kule Toronto.

Thousands of National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters plan to stage a peaceful protest this morning outside the United States Embassy along the U.N. avenue in the Gigiri area.


On a more serious note, these guys are playing with fire now, and gradually helping JaKuon earn a travel ban.

Tucheke kidogo
Kenya’s worsening debt position: For every Ksh. 10 generated, Ksh. 5.4 will be used to repay loans http://bit.ly/2o1ZDYE

UJINGA level 2


Hao si ni admins

This is the same way he tried to make capital out of Obama’s election as the USA POTUS. But Obama alimuonea mbali akamlenga.

Hii ingekua whatsapp group, Ramaphosa angereply na gif ya ‘too long didn’t read, lol!’ ama aseme wenye wamesoma walete summary


Jaymo achana na Githeri media. I honestly believe to improve the quality of journalism in kenya we have to raise cut off point, what they did not seek to find out is of that maturing debt how much does the treasury intend to refinance.

:D:D he’s really thought about it