Tuache Kundanganyana: Hapa Uhuruto Have Ferked Us Royally Without Lube

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, a visit by the IMF and the World Bank would be headline news - I know coz I wrote some of those stories.

Gavament would go into some sort of panic, with Treasury officials running helter-skelter trying to cook figures.

We were basically a colony of the two Caucasian organisations.

Then Kibaki and China happened.

Within two years of 2002, Kenya was free from the clutches of the imperialists who had caused untold misery in the early 1990s through what were called Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs).

Thousands, probably millions, of Kenyans died because of SAPs - through suicides, disease as nurses and doctors were retrenched (Aids spread like bushfire because they were not even enough workers to test transfused blood), as water was privatised (cholera, dysentery, typhoid etc), and hospital user fees were introduced, etc.

Lives were destroyed as experienced long-serving civil servants were given what were then euphemistically called ‘golden casket handshakes’.

China and Kibaki changed all that, and gave Kenyans some pride.

Enter Uhuruto.

The duo have gone on a borrowing spree like no other. Now, our national debt stands at Sh4.5 trillion, about Sh3 trillion more than when Kibaki exited State House.

The tragedy for us is that much of the Uhuruto debt has been ‘wasted’ in such ventures as hiring police vehicles, leasing extremely expensive medical equipment from America’s GE (that alone took 50 billion), paying extremely exhorbitant ‘compensation’ to politically-correct ‘land owners’ along infrastructure corridors (the entire length of the proposed Ethiopia electricity line, for example, is now dotted with manyattas in a line - how did the poor ‘pastoralists’ know that it would pass there? Billions will be paid for what was until the other day empty land! NBO-MSA SGR alone took 40 billion!), dishing freebies including ‘free’ education, health, pads, etc.

Now the IMF and the World Bank are back.

In the very near term, we will start experiencing the tragedy of what Uhuruto have done to us.

The rate cap will go (kama uko na loan anza kujipanga kaka, utalipa 25-30 per cent very, very soon).

There will be massive retrenchments in the public sector.

There will be cutbacks in development expenditure (some of our newly constructed highways will become potholed like in the Moi error when it took six hours to travel from Nairobi to Nakuru).

Our oil fields will be sold for a song.

The ‘privatisation’ dirge will come back, and our family jewels - airports, public shares in companies like Safaricom, ports, lucrative parastatals like Kengen and KPLC - will be sold to the imperialists for a penny or two (by the way, this is how Vodafone came to own Safaricom).

Once again, the yoke of imperialism will be upon us.

Kenyans will die, lives will be broken.

Sad for a Jubilee supporter like me to admit, but I didn’t know an Amherst-trained economist could be this clueless. Sad, sad, sad.

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Now, our national debt stands at Sh4.5 trillion…

No its 4.7 trillion now. We topped up with 200 billion recently.

its just tragic that we woke up twice to vote for mediocrity and save a family business from collapse with cheap prices paid to dairy cooperative societies notwithstanding. We initially had hundreds of contractors being given installation jobs by Kenya Power. Now a new system is in place placing them under a new contractor whereby they receive a fraction of what they initially enjoyed.
let’s give Kibaki credit where it is due as he had surrounded himself with technocrats who guided him on how to run the country efficiently. Nowadays we have cartoonists as advisors and D- materials as Cs. Heck even a Cs for education forgot that she is no longer a diplomat who was accustomed to the high life and was being photographed in far off lands doing I don’t know what

Unasema nini A. turdi?

Uhuru will leave a very bad legacy if the fruits of the borrowing are not realized. We always say his father fu…d the country. He may have a similar legacy. He is his fathers son afterall.

umesema ahmerst ama ni emuhaya… sijasikia
why are you complaining man. You sold your children so that you would win a political argument and here you are complaining? You showed the man that you are afraid of removing him. sasa lazima atumie watu vile tajiri hutumia bibi wa ocha mwenye hakusoma.

Jomo was very good. He ruled during very difficult times and the economy grew at a consistent 7%. Everything good you see -UN in Kenya, the military, KICC, the tourism sector etc etc - the foundation waslaid by that old man. About land, you people forget that Kenya was basically empty and ANYBODY - including Orie Rogo Manduli - could own thousands of acres.

Uhuruto, on the other hand…

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D wacha ufala. @spear, your input please

The land being empty should not be the excuse used to grab and leave millions landless. He had the chance to get it right from the start.

first off, it is Royally and not Loyally. ulikua gazeti gani tena??? mwihoko?
to the issue at hand, Ubako was hated. but he delivered this country from a rabid dog. as for UK, nimeona shida ni kutaka kupendwa na kila mtu.scratch that. kupendwa na kila cartel. KP and ERC are basically arap mashamba’s personal property. very soon the turkana oilfields will be too.
UK should man up.

Unasema nini?

land wasnt empty. the kikuyu were directed elsewhere so that their land in central could be hoarded by those two or three families. niliskia kuna wenye wako kwa colonial reserve hadi saa hii. There has never been empty land save for a few extreme deserts. They are arguably not empty too.

Spear and nattydread are typing…

Kibaki was good so says Jaruos nowadays but they forget they started criticising his leadership from the word go. And just because of a stupid Mou.
Uhuru ata amejaribu, these mofos have been on his case just like kibaki before his 2nd term and not forgetting under a new katiba and devolution maneno s.
The only sad bit is the borrowed money is not been utilised properly.

Retrenchment in the public sector may not happen.

  1. Hakuna pesa ya kulipa the guys to be retrenchment.
  2. The issue will be highly politicised.

Kama kupunguza civil servants salaries imeeashinda, do you think retrenching will be easy?

Umesahau kupost na account yako ya dim eye ?

yeah the apple never falls ar awy from the tree…

Read somewhere that we have an aging public service with almost 35% retiring within ten years. The number will just need to be managed.

FMCP part of the problem lies in our inability to have sober conversations on govt. monetary & fiscal policy since we Kenyans reason along the lines of jubilee apologists (like a certain spin doctor hapa) or Odm(NASA/NRM is dead) sychophants i.e. baba’s word is the gospel truth.

Issues that require public participation e.g. Eurobond II, you ask for budgets & how the govt intends to use these funds you are told it is too early, such info will be communicated at a later date and when govt gets the LOAN & starts spending on fishy “projects” you are told give the govt time to implement its development agenda…Yaani a whole govt won’t let you know how it intends to raise/use/repay public money.

Meanwhile Brentton Woods uses even less vaseline to shaft us harder & deeper.