Tsunami Ilichapa Indonesia


400 dead and it’s still early days in the search and rescue


High time this guys invested in an early warning system

shait, hii kitu ikija in our shores sisi kwisha

Binadamu ni fala sana sometimes. Unaambiwa kifo kinakaribia 1000% naunaenda kuchungulia?

They have but apparently the authorities gave out conflicting information underrating the size of the tsunami.

So that guy in the film decided to stand on the beach to measure the magnitude for himself.

Yet kuna watu humu bado wanalia bangi iwe huru

Of course bangi should be huru. How would we get the courage to film such scenes?

Wasee wa piki piki are busy running around like they can outrun it


[SIZE=7]The tsunami in Indonesia[/SIZE]

Panic and confusion as massive waves devastate the Indonesian island Sulawesi, dragging, buildings, cars, and people in its wake. Hundreds have been killed from two massive earthquakes that hit the island on Friday, triggering a tsunami.

This and other weather patterns are why I choose to live in 3rd floor. Other than the annoyance of walking up the stairs, I don’t see any other disadvantage.

Halafu Donald Trump ng’ombe inasema climate change is fiction

Climate change na tsunami inakujia wapi … movement of tectonic plates ni the major cause

Baba unaishi ukambani tsunami itatoka wapi?

Not just tsunamis, hata torrential rains. Unakumbuka ile mafuriko ya April ama ilikuwa May 2018? Zile nyumba za Greenpark Estate hapa Athi River zikifumaniwa? Those things will keep happening because of Global warming.

Hapana, sasa umeleta uongo mwingi kuzidi. Greenpark and many other developments built on former swamp land will flood regardless of climate.

don’t you think any storeyed building is a disaster wether uko the top floor or even first,the best house would be a grass thatched house,atleast ukiangukiwa na nyasi probability ya kunyuria will not be that high,uzuri ni vile our tectonic plate is stable,earthquakes unless caused by volcanic activity sio common

hapo kama hukupata time kuhepa you are fucked

Tsunamis are so deceptive, damn. Kwa hiyo clip you can see it started very small like a minor rise in sea level, no biggie. Right? Wrong. I wish those guys would have continued running, never looking back, until they reached the mountaintop.