Tshisekedi Is Kabila's Bitch

Does this guy seriously believe he’s president of the DRC?

Parties allied to DR Congo President Felix Tshisekedi and his predecessor Joseph Kabila have finalised agreement on the composition of a new cabinet, UN radio OKAPI reports.
Kabila’s party, the Common Front for the Congo (FCC) will have 60 percent of the positions while Tshisekedi’s CACH coalition will take 20 percent.

The cabinet will be composed of 39 full ministers and about 12 assistant ministers, OKAPI reported citing sources from both sides.
Mr Kabila will name 5 candidates directly to the cabinet, the same number as President Tshisekedi.
In the final cabinet, President Tshisekedi will have only 30 percent, as the rest will be allied to Kabila.

Kabila already fronted his man as PM.

At this rate, I bet “president” Tshisekedi will have to ask Kabila for permission before doing anything, the way we used to do in primary school. He’ll be like, “Please Teacher Kabila, mayai attend the AU summit?”.

Observers say Tshisekedi cannot govern without the dictates of Mr Kabila given that FCC has 337 MPs out of the total 500, 23 of 24 provincial governors and 91 of 100 senators.

Hehehe, yaani this guy’s coalition controls only 30% of the gubbermint? This is so pathetic. I guess the title “President” matters more to him than any actual presidential powers.

He is a ceremonial president. As ceremonial as they come!

Si ajiheshimu na ajiuzulu. Lame duck president.

Like a certain fellow from Bondo who is being swindled by a handshake


This thread had lots of good comments…immediately after Congo elections

I don’t think this is a tragedy.