Tsavo Homes

Are their Units a good buy ?

Any Experience?

Ukiona amejaza adverts kwa sociol media na mangazeti just know it’s a hard sell.

service charge 7k

If social media is to be believed, any time you told about Tsavo homes, it should be your constitutional duty to create a very healthy distance between yourself and that person.

That’s a ridiculously high amount unless they are very few units.


So safaricom and EABL products are not good buys? I see them being advertised daily.

Be ready to bear the brunt of:-

  1. Youthful/ rowdy neighbors.
  2. Tiny rooms.
  3. Nigerian neighbors.

Thought I find their payment plans to be a bit flexible. Would be suitable for a Airbnb setup.

No they are not.
You know how shitty Safaricom is.
You also know EABL products are not good for your health.

Please…nyumba ya kujengewa wachana nayo