Trying To Explain Credit Rating Score To Kenyans Is Like Teaching COWS Calculus

Kenyans are really thick human beings, this makes me wonder how Bonobos from countries such as Burundi are.

These might be foreign concept but even using a caveman’s analogy of borrowing above bunch of bananas and returning on time when you harvest yours shouldn’t be hard to understand.

Will we ever manufacturer a toothbrush kama akili ni kama hizi za kondoo?

On a serious note, how does the credit rating score work? I can see am worth 2K in the minds of the hustler’s fund.

But we manufacture toothbrushes and toothpicks and many other things.

Even Hasla limit yake ni 2,200.

Tulifanya hesabu kitambo.
Nobody will get more than 3k.

Hata hiyo pia tutakunywa na haturudishi. UNless they auto deduct it like fuliza

They said 14days?..serikali iko “ignorant”.

Afadhali Baba’s 6,000.

Hiyo ilikuwa story ya jaba, hiyo pesa close to 250b annually ingetoka wapi?

Haslas watamea akili in the fullness of time. ghasia takataka sana

Pale Bidenstan, if you are loan free and not servicing any loan, your credit score deteriorates. Personally, I take a credit card with a limit of $500 max. Then I use that credit card to subscribe to stuff like Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and small small internet stuff which don’t exceed $100 per month. This allows me to pay off quite fast and that’s how I maintain 700 which is a B and can come in handy when you want to buy bigger things like houses, luxury cars etc.

Mbona machungu

Credit score tena? Hii ni umafi ya US. Soon kila mkenya atakuwa anaishi on debt and making creditors rich?

short term solution to long term problem, ata heri wangeinvest hiyo pesa.but this cements the idea that we are an inferior race kama hata president mwenyewe hawez ona ni ufala .imagine how many more such silly
decisions are in store.

Over 50% of Kenyans have an IQ below 70. The constant mass starvation events usually cause irreparable long life damage on mental development. Seeing as a good chunk of kenyans starve at some point in childhood. Uduanzi itaendelea kuongezeka

So, what is a mkenya to do with 2k?.. :D:D:D


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I’m 100 % sure that wale watu wanaelewa how credit scoring kwa hii kijiji hawawezi pita kumi .

Short story .
2019 I was part of a team that wanted to launch a virtual lending business, and we invited a few suppliers of commercial lending software to present what they had to offer .The things I saw tuki evaluate a credit scoring system shocked me to the core .One engine from some guys hapo Ngong Road was referencing 800 data points to make a lending decision. Crazy shit .

Hakuna machungu jameni

leta wrink